Where to find Blogging inspiration, snare the writing muse.

Blogging is wonderful. The amazing people who share your obsession, curiosity and wanderlust. The experiences you find yourself emotionally richer, and possibly cash poorer for. The wealth of skill learning (photography, story-telling, promotion, networking, design and dedication). The feel-good audience feedback. The amazing advice (travelling tips, expat stories, recipes and musings on life.) All coming thick, fast (and with the occasional typo).



But sometimes, <insert jaws music here> the ability to write about it all dries up.

















Tumbleweed. Nill. Nothing. Nada, just an empty white screen and your cursor blinking at you in a mocking manner.


I blog 6 days a week which is crazy, I’ll admit it, but I’m determined to stick with completing my 101 in 1001 goal of blogging everyday (well, 6 days anyway). I’ve tried to structure the week so that a) readers (this would be you) come to expect certain things on certain days (M: London-y stuff, T: Book Review, W: Foodie something, T: Travel, F: Roundup & S: Something random, it’s the weekend afterall), b) one isn’t stuck writing about the same stuff every single day (I certainly wouldn’t want to read it) and c) when planning/dreaming/thinking I know how I can proceed with the week.


So that’s probably my first tip: Pick your favourite topics/themes and use them in a regular fashion. Get into a subject groove, and don’t be afraid to develop it into a series.



Next tip? Do lots of fun things. It’s harder to physically do this when you live in a small village or are less cash rich than you’d like to be (I know I am…) but it’s also hard when you’re attitude is to let things come to you. I have a pretty boring job – whilst I enjoy it, I found that I was getting way to emotionally involved and needed a distraction to take away some of the pressure. Now, I make sure that something fun is planned – even if it’s a random talk in a Library, a glass of tea with a good friend or watching a parade. Get your butt onto Twitter, go for a walk with your camera, pull out that dusty bucket list or make something interesting.


Read other blogs or join in linkups. This is one of my favourite ways to find inspiration. Don’t copy them, but put your own spin on a blog post, respond to an opinion (in a positive way, no trolling people) or simply join in with a cool idea. I’ve always wanted to join in a ‘what’s in your handbag’ post but haven’t ever got around to it. Possibly also because there are so many loose penny coins in my bag that if I ever cleaned it out and removed them, my inner ear balance would be upset.


Take a break. Let yourself relax.



Stroll through your archives and write a retrospective/best of/round up post. All the best musicians do it, why shouldn’t you?


Go through your draft folder and camera memory. Goodness knows I’ve found some fantastic posts this way. Write a ‘what if’ or ‘how to’ post. What if you won the lotto, were offered a dream day in London, or do you have a skill that you want to share with the world? Be brave, write that post you’ve always had lurking in the ‘should I really?’ folder. Offer to guest post.


See what I’ve done here…?


What’s your favourite trick?

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