Why do you blog? Inspiration, reasoning & surprise.

I’ve been blogging at Adventures of a London Kiwi since 2012, when having
decided that we had unconsciously lapsed into a commute/work/home complacency, we
weren’t exploring our surrounds to the full potential. The rest as they say is history… captured on a blogging platform.


But why does one choose to blog? It’s not as if we really need more chores to do. The trouble is so many of the the fantastic blogs out on the interwebs really inspired me to hoik up a speakers box of my own, where hubby & I could share our wanderings.

We’ve actually seen Big Ben, the auditory icon.

On the positive side it’s making us get more creative, get out of the day-to-day rut we are in and explore the wonderful city we don’t take full advantage of. There are so many delights in the many-faceted London.


I learned to Just Say Yes to opportunities, try to make everyday extraordinary and be a little braver.


Indirectly, and even directly it’s introducing me to some fantastic people, even friends living in London, the UK and Europe. I’ve eaten Ruben sandwiches in New York, Kiwi brunches in London, French Patisserie in Paris and sipped tea in beautiful London hotels.

Caravan, Kings Cross – kiwi mana.

Its also pushing my cooking boundaries as well, trying to cook more varied dishes, try so many wonderful new things and new restaurants – which is nice to have a record of (especially when trying to recreate dishes that we really enjoyed, then ruin because we’ve missed a key ingredient).


That’s not me in the photo below. He’s a trained professional.

Teppenyaki, Ealing

My blog reader is full of incredible people who write some amazing things, and I’ve learned that to consistently blog it takes some planning, and quite a bit of time and determination.


Its also quite easy sometimes – I’m not really writing for any niche in particular, but just about the things that we enjoy, and take my fancy. I’ve also found that writing when inspiration takes you is a very good idea – if you procrastinate you will lose ‘that idea’ which in hindsight was probably a good one!

Technology helps. I write a lot of my posts on my commute – making use of the time that otherwise I may have just been staring out of the window, trying not to look at anyone else.

In some ways I think it’s also helping my work – my written work which I was never very confident about is getting stronger – it may not be changing at all, but the way I feel about it is more confident. Having a blog is also quite cathartic.


Additionally, my photography skills are improving, I’m learning how to write much better, read more critically and I feel that my day-to-day confidence is growing. My husband has said to me several times how confident I am now when in groups of people I don’t know (and aghast at just how many people I’m getting to know!) I always thought I was pretty confident and outgoing, but it was all a front. Really, I’m a needy, scaredy cat who puts on a brave face.

Loving it.


So, why do you blog?


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