10 things you didn’t know about me

Blogging is about community conversation. Without our readers and fellow bloggers, what would the point in online journaling be? Sure, you can journal in a diary all for yourself, but the interaction, the tea and the laughter makes it so pleasurable. I’ve chosen to blog in a way that isn’t super personal, I don’t just don’t think anyone would be interested to read self -adsorbed blatherings.


But, with a few busy days coming up, I though I’d take a couple of minutes to share a few random facts.


  1. I use the word random way too much, have toned down my use of awesome and shudder at blogs that don’t have any punctuation.

  2. I love cold tea, eating burgers upside down (the burger that is, for some reason some taste much better that way), ice cream in winter and ANY thing with vanilla in it. My Christmas shop for bathrooms goodies at a-well-known-natural-cosmetics store looked like a baker’s pantry.

  3. I’m really not very good at girl stuff. I wear my heart on a sleeve, but that sleeve is normally pretty worn through. Hairstyling and makeup aren’t strengths of mine, and I have no problems with that.

  4. I never buy shoes that I can’t run for a train in (I think I’ve lived in London too long) though I’m not a fan of the Commuters in White Trainers look. Haven’t you heard of flats people?

  5. A fully completed list makes me happy like nothing else (except maybe Mr Kiwi, the cat or Afternoon Tea with my friends). I have a secret addiction to lists though – and are becoming slightly infamous for them.

  6. I always wanted to go Goth, but couldn’t really bothered with the accessorising (see fact #3). Result? As a teen I was both dissatisfied and lame.

  7. I never travel anywhere without an oversized silk scarf, my own headphones and too many pens.

  8. I always spell Forty with a U. This is frowned upon and I’m often teased about it – that, and Santa and Centre sounding the same when I speak.

  9. The quirkier the fact, the more likely that I am to remember it.

  10. I’m a sucker for a blog link up. In fact we’re sharing Travel Pinch Me moments this week…


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