Brussels, Belgium #travelthursdays

One of the joys of London, is the abitilty to easily escape to other nearby European cities. In around about the same time as it would take to catch the train to Oxford or Birmingham, we found ourselves alighting in the waffle capital of the world.



Brussels misses out on tourist accolades, having to compete with big hitters like Paris, Cologne, Berlin & Barcelona, so going for a long weekend we just planned a relaxing city break. This is just a wee photo essay – I’ll report back fully shortly.




We loved the humour of the Belgian capital, not only their fondness of the Mannekin Pis, a small statue of a small boy having a wee, the friendly bar staff, and even the street art that is everywhere. We found the weeing space invader by the artist “Invader” to be highly entertaining.

We had to take in a brewery tour whilst there, try the chocolatiers, trip to Bruges for the day and of course, check out the quality of waffles. When in Rome and all that…

We didn’t realise it’s the home of Tintin (and of course his faithful companion Snowy).

In memory of my Grandmother, we admired the beautiful Belgian lace…

And were lucky enough to meet up with a group of lovely friends, and learn that Lego can be used for art.

Ahhh, St Pancras roof. Such a delight.


Who knew there was so much to this unassuming European city?

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