FatBoy’s Diner – the best Hot Dogs in London.

Hot Dogs. We can’t ever decide whether we love them, or hate them. They just seem to promise so much, and yet deliver so little. Until now.

If that’s not #foodporn, I don’t know what is. Everything in moderation.

You can see the onion, right? They’re legitimate vegetables.


Good things come to those who work hard. We missioned our way in the rain and wind one Sunday afternoon through the East End to the most surprising Diner I’ve had the pleasure to make it out to (it would be a rather lacklustre blogpost otherwise, no?).



Sadly, I can’t take any credit for the discovery, it was the eagle eye of my friend who spotted it. Not only does she have excellent taste in sausages, can steer a canal boat with studied ease, taught us to make fireside Octopus hotdogs, but she is also – on a totally unrelated note – excellent to take giant Porcelain Easter Egg spotting. I keep telling her to put it down on her CV as a skill. Seriously.



FatBoy’s Diner is a proper Greasy fry up and proud of it. No green vegetables to be seen here (bar the odd whisp of decorative lettuce), there is also no pretending to be a microbiotic health cure, or posh nosh.



What it does do, it’s kicks butt with. The chips were of good, solid standard, the Chilli was ass-kicking, the Onion Rings were a little soft for my liking, but we loved to see lettuce used as a decoration. The Hamburgers were a little too far over the side of OK, but it was the Hotdogs we were there for. Gladly walked through the rain for.


Soft, floury, properly steamed buns textured enough withstand decent handling, good, hot dogs and incredible generous servings of toppings. So many in fact they were hard to eat in polite company. Good thing we’ve all been camping together, so there was none of that nonsense necessary.


And for that matter, none of this Bourgeoisie Bubble Dogs and champagne nonsense – we had proper Builders Tea. The only acceptable alternative is a good, crisp lager. I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that particular part of the day, camped out at the Meantime Brewery was covered here. We don’t do anything by halves, us urban explorers.


Want to pop down to FatBoy’s yourself? Here are the details – it’s a bit of a wander from North Greenwich Station, but I know we’ll be back. Just note their website says if you’re making a special trip, make sure to call the Diner beforehand to make sure it’s definitely open that day.

I wasn’t comped at all for this, just sharing the Hot Dog love!


Are you a Hot Dog convert, or is it Burgers all the way?

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