London’s newest Burger Flipper (me) and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

L&P. Kiwiburgers. Hokey Pokey Shakes (aka Honeycomb). Kumara (Sweet potato) Fries. Funky Kiwiana on the walls. The iconic tomato sauce bottles. Not to mention the Kaitaia Fire and links with the rather infamous Peter Gordon.

My precious…

GBK, lets be frank, you had me at hello when I stepped onto Heathrow tarmac.

All I’ve ever wanted was beetroot and egg on my (now gluten free) burger, with a side of smiles and kumara chips. And aioli.

I don’t have to explain my weird kiwi predilections here, they are taken as normal. As kids we were brought up on Kumara chips and L&P (World famous in New Zealand – to the rest of the world a nice Lemony soft drink), and to find them both readily available in central London? Priceless.

You also have enough burger variations and flavours to satisfy everyone we’ve ever escorted over your trendy doorframes. The fact that your most popular flavour choice is Cheese & Bacon just proves that oldies are goodies. And that English people love their traditions.

New Zealand’s Fergburgers (ooooh yeah) and Burger Fuel set the bar very,very high. Forget Shake Shack’s American roots (and hundred flavour drink machines) and Burger Lobster’s ridiculous queuing.

I also love the fact that you started life at the hands of three Kiwis before London went burger crazy. Call me full of national pride if you will, but I’m proud of our roots.

As a blogger, the whole PR/Blogger balance is an interesting one. But when one of my favourite burger bars invites me to see the newly opened Wandsworth store & try the menu, it’s a no-brainer. We have genuinely eaten at the various Gourmet Burger Kitchen tables more often than we care to admit.

And when your team offered for us to have a go at constructing these towers of hedonistic delight? No question needed really.

Et voila!

I need to get me some photoshop tutorials now I have mad burger skillz…

I think we made a pretty good team, before settling in to try an array of their in-kitchen made sauces, kumara chips (these always need quantity rather than quality testing, trust me), burgers and some rather interesting salads. 

I’m not going to review the burgers, the fact that we have been too many times to count in the last 7 years alone should attest to the deliciousness.

Ka pai Gourmet Burger kitchen, a well played hub of scrumtiousness. Please don’t change anything.

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