Meantime Brewery Tour, Greenwich.

I know East London is becoming very fashionable, but it’s not the trendy Shoreditch bars, pop-up Restaurants or clothing markets that have me under a spell. It’s the unique museums, cries from street-side chefs of Pie, Liquor and Mash, Kiwi Chutney stalls, and the quirky humour of Cockney cash machines.


Now, we have another for the growing list.  

All of these.

The tour is through their brewery a 5min bus from North Greenwich station. You get to try loads of beautifully smooth beer, a micro -history of beer and the world and a hilarious Cockney Bloke explains which ‘Unctuous’ beer goes the best with Eggs Benedict.

There was just so much to keep us enthralled – the beautifully flavoured beer, the techy brewing process and the fantastic tour guide keeping us in order (well, it was mostly the rowdy Australians on our tour).

The tour groups are just the right size too – small enough to fit in the brewery and most importantly the tasting room, and big enough to not feel singled out (apart from the bloke who said Leonardo DiCaprio deserved an Oscar. Mate, you well deserved that ribbing).

Why brew it in London? I think like to think it’s because they are heroes; providing a safe place for husbands and boyfriends to gather and yell at Football players, producing artisan beers in a world where icy lager is taking over and keeping the rowdy Australians who were on our tour in some kind of good behaviour. Meantime Brewery, you are legends.

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