Upsidedown Mothers Days

One of the Expat downsides (or coming from the Southern Hemisphere is it an upside? I’m confused) is being away from your Mother country on the days that celebrate two of the most important people in your life – Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

(Some things never change, this is an oldie post but a goodie, enjoy!)

Arguably one of the most success marketing ploys of Hallmark and a common victim of errant apostrophes, I think the idea of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day is a fantastic one. Yes, you should celebrate the people-whom-without-you-literally-wouldn’t-be-here everyday in the little things, but in the high-pace world we live in today, it’s fantastic to step back and celebrate your parents on their own special day.

They went through almost a year ‘cooking’ and carrying you, then eighteen years feeding you nutritional and tasty food, wiping your bum, bathing you, (the last two hopefully not much past 7 or 8 years) taking you to the doctor, playing with you, ensuring you had a good life and loving you.

So yes, you should make an effort.

My mother lives in Scotland and we face a slightly different question – do we celebrate the UK one that feels too early or the NZ one (when in Rome etc.) which feels too late?

As an expat Mother’s Day and Father’s Day does make you really think about your family more – not only your traditional family (helllooooo NZ famdamily), but your new family – I’m lucky to have lovely in-laws and really wonderful friends who have become more like family.

On the plus-side living over here also means you get 36 hours of birthday fun. We have to weigh these things up. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to all my Antipodean readers.

When is your Mother’s Day? Upon a little reading, I found out there are so many.

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