Best Ever Travel Meal #linkup

How on earth do you choose the best meal you’ve ever eaten whilst travelling? When I suggested this as a blog topic, I clearly wasn’t thinking too good [sic]. Possibly my grey matter has been slightly addled by the unusual March sunshine we’ve been experiencing, and celebrating.

Hotdogs on Coney Island Pier, New York, Snails garlicy and buttery Parisian style, Pizza in an Italian Piazza, simply stunning sushi in Japan; all contenders and battling for the best meal.

Could it be the dishes of my adopted homeland? Pie Mash & Likker, a convivial communal Curry or a pinky-raised afternoon tea with friends?

Nope. Much simpler. The recipe? 

Take one late summer day in the South of France. Add a dash of sunbeams. A splash of kayaking towards the Pont du Gard. Spread a picnic blanket on a bank. Lay out a mouthwatering selection of freshly baked baguette, sliced charcuterie, salty feta, glistening olives, ripe brie and a knife. Slice glorious beef tomatoes, dish out piquant tapenade and egg cups of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Accompany with a newly married husband (ideally your own, like I did), a couple of cheeky glasses of local wine and soak in the magic. A soupcon of fuzzy photos are entirely optional, but highly recommended to convey the emotion of the scene.

So then, how about yours?

Kelly, Rebecca and I would love you to add your link to the link up – all we ask is you share a little comment love with your fellow linkers.

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