Curry & Souffle with #Currysinthekitchen.

I’m not a bad cook. I can generally turn my hand at most things – the first time that is, it’s the second time when things tend to go catastrophically wrong. This in mind when I was recently invited to a blogger event/cooking class by Currys & the Underground Cookery School, I couldn’t – for the sake of Mr Kiwi’s stomach – say no.

Sadly missing the opening canapés and apertifs (darn London transport), I scooted in just in time for a lovely welcome, and a few warm words from our hosts before saying hey to a few of the lovely bloggers chatting in the room.

 In Floyd we trust…

Aprons donner and bellies beginning to rumble it was onto the really important stuff. Our best tip of the night accompanied the from-scratch made chicken curry Angela and I rustled up. After deboning the chicken, (admist hilarious heckles from our instructions and their shouts of “hashtag oil” ringing through the kitchen) we cooked off the Garam Masala mix, added the tomato & coconut milk then poached the chicken and potato. The smell was simply heavenly.

Adding the chicken to the fragrant, bubbling sauce, and not vice versa, was a bit of a revelation for all of us – as long as you ensure that the chicken is cooked through (ours was popped in the oven to finish off) poaching the chicken ensures that it’s tender and doesn’t dry out.

Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

Then, dessert. Let me quietly say this: there is no way that outside these 4 walls, that I would ever attempt a soufflé. Not a chance in hell (in fact I’d be more likely to sport an Aussie flag, just sayin’). But, cracking puns (and eggs, sorry) as we went along, under the watchful eyes of our bemused instructor, our soufflés turned out to be a brilliant success.

Egg whites & sugar whipped to a stiff peak (complete with Jamie Oliver over the head bowl flourish) we carefully folded through a pear compote before spooning carefully into buttered & floured soufflé dishes.

The next step surprised us once again; after levelling the containers off, we tapped the pots in order to make sure that all the air bubbles had escaped (so much for being petrified of slamming nearby doors), we then ran a finger around the edge (to discourage the top from sticking and rising instead). They went straight into a hot oven for 15 minutes.

What did we do whilst patiently waiting for the results? Let me just say that Bloggers + how to make cocktails + a hilarious instructor = gold.


Then as they say, the proof was in the pudding. Heavily photographed of course, after all this WAS a blogger event and nothing escapes those lenses!

Et voila!

4 hours prior to the Currys in the kitchen event, I had been chopping up fruit and vegetables for Bearded Pig Dinners at London Zoo. I think it was safe to say that it hadn’t been a boring day…

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