Friday Figments and Photos

I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mojo. You know, that get up & go feeling, the one that drives you to race around the next corner to see what’s behind it, all the while researching the next one?

Bubbly Amanda from Rhyme & Ribbons has inspired me to take another look, and de-funk inspired with her Life Lately By Numbers post.


780: Minutes enjoying the gorgeous views of a blogger sleepover in the heart of London.

43: Jaffas scoffed.

1: Mojo lacking. I had simply dropped out of my creative loop.

3: Gluten Free Hot Cross buns eaten instead of breakfast. Oh Yes I Did.


Sewing Machine Museum represent!

1: Gluten Free Hot Cross bun nicked by my workmate.

3: Pints of delicious Czech beer.

4: Svíčková dumplings (a Czech specialty of slow cooked beef, dumplings and cream sauce)…

62: Times I’ve listened to and belted out at the top of my lungs ‘May you never’ by John Farnham, and meant every single word.

98: Bubbles in each flat white shared.

1: Hokey pokey milkshake slurped.

362: Blossoms on the trees in Regents Park.

4: Days of Easter fun planned.

1: Gluten free kiwiburger extraordinaire.

and a cat nap or two in the midst of some serious DIY.

“project management”.

Just what the Doctor ordered.

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