Goal update: 101 in 1001

Everything seems to have to update and change every five seconds. Take for instance my favourite apps (not always for the good, Twitter here’s looking at you), train timetables, the cat’s favourite sleeping place (currently a plastic bag on the floor, next to the spare bed) and restaurant menus.


Foodie adventures of Okra and Plantain…


Fear not, I’m not going to start giving you Adventures of a London Kiwi: Rants of an corporate sellout 2.0; it will always be full of my blatherings, friends and random adventures that you that all seem to like. In keeping with the change of seasons and UK clocks going forward it just seemed like a good time to have a gander at the main reason for my corner of the internet, my 101 in 1001 goal list



I was starting to panic a little that I wasn’t going to make my way through the list, but on checking, it seems to be going better than I thought.


#42. Have a mysteries of London day; Knights Templar Church, Freemason’s Hall, Whittards Tea Shop (ie. why do the English drink so much tea?) 



This weekend I’ve also managed to tick the last 4 items off my “Try 15 new foodie items” list (goal #66) but there are still things I want to try, and a po’boy is on the top of that list.


38. Fried Plantain  

45. Goat’s Milk  

73. Pho 

98. Venison  



#46. Visit a working London Brewery 



I’ve also got a fair few goals in progress, such as #20. For a year fill a jar daily with joys, gratitudes, things that made me smile etc.



#05. Do 3 days of Volunteering (1/3) – in progress, I’m currently helping out with the Social Media for the NZ Business Woman’s Network – come say hey kiwi ladies!


#44. Attend a Wimbledon Tennis game, Ascot Race or a Garden Party.



#64. Cook a pinned Pinterest Recipe every week for 3 months.


#77. Grow (and eat) edible flowers.


Maybe this whole crazy goal list thing is do-able. Huh.


Straw Poll: I’m coming to the realisation that my goal #27. Pat a Lion or big Cat, is a little crazy so do you think that my day as a London Zookeeper, feeding Giraffes, Ring Tailed Lemurs and playing with Penguins counts? 



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