St George’s Day.

Why not have a day where you can celebrate your nationality? Aussies have Australia Day, Kiwis have Waitangi Day, the Irish (and the rest of the drinking world) have St Patricks Day.


The only trouble with this, is the stiff English upper lip. One doesn’t really show oneself to be very excited about ones heritage, as one would look to be showing off about something that is inherent. Innit.

Why am I blathering on about this? Well, today is St George’s Day, and we accidentally attended the St George’s foodie festival at Trafalgar Square this weekend. It made us proud to see the red & white banners, fake shields, jewelled swords and kids learning about St George and the Dragon. It made use even prouder to see the English foodies arranged around the fountains, sharing their proud food heritage with the gathered masses.

Hearing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot echoing through Twickenham Stadium, accompanied by waving St Georges Crosses tells me that patriotism is something the English are becoming less afraid to shout from the rooftops. 


And it also tells me that they’re about to receive a caning from the All Blacks. (Note: I was told to edit that out by my husband – the editing isn’t going to happen…)


It’s wonderful to see. As are hanky waving Morris men, pork pies and mustard, drinking Earl Grey with a raised Pinky and grown men cheering at the results of the latest FA cup.

Also, who doesn’t need another excuse to get your Red trousers out?


Strut those things dude…

Brought to you by one of the best countries in the world – I have statistical proof.


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