Why do you read?

Walking the other night, I caught a glimpse through the partially drawn curtains of a beautiful home. Nestled next to the requisite tasselled standard lamp, was a floor-to-ceiling book case, jam packed with tomes of every colour and type.



There was a gap, ever so slightly left of centre, that had my mind racing.


Why was there a book missing. What had they drawn out, and not replaced? Was it being thumbed through out of sight, accompanied by a cup of tea? Was it face planted, spine stretched out (oh the horror) on a bedside table whilst the owner took their teeth out & settled in for the night? Had it been borrowed by a beloved friend? Or, was the book so terrible that it had be given to their least favourite person?


All these questions, never to be answered. But you can.


Tell me, where and what is the book that you’re currently reading in the comments below. Help my curtain twitching fascination be realised.


Is it something you’re enjoying? Is it something that you feel should be read? Is it something you utterly hate but can’t help but turn the next page?

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