A unique London top 10 staycation list

We’ve not been organised enough this year to organise many trips. Yet. It has meant falling in love with this sprawling city all over again though – exploring more corners of an ever-changing urban London. Even better, when it’s a London staycation.

It got me thinking though, as ever – a grade-A chronic over-thinker – about the best bits of staying at home. You’ll never run out of things to do over the bank holiday weekend… these are a few of my favourite things to do on a London staycation:

  1. Bunch is an essential meal

2. Try something new in an old favourite, or something the same in a new way.

3. A cheeky slice of Afternoon Tea perhaps?

4. Watch the sunrise or sunset – the instagram love is optional.

5. Hang out with friends, penguin or otherwise.

6. Escape by train. There are a fair few options.

7. Explore a nearby garden… 

…or catch a couple of rays in pirate fashion.

8. Find a pub cat.

9. High-five an icon.

10. Find an original monopoly street, partake of a beverage if you wish.

 It’s up to you really.

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