Afternoon Tea in the name of Charity – Bake for Bumps

I have an announcement to make. No, no, not that kind of announcement I’m afraid, but one that involves a fantastic charity, lots of cake, a bevy of brilliant bloggers, tea sipped in a pinkies raised style and a rather lovely restaurant…

A few ladies and I are gathering our baking experience to raise awareness and fundraising for Sparks “Bake for Bumps” fundraising campaign. We are donating our time, baking goods and the money we would normally spend at a beautiful afternoon tea, and donating it all to Sparks, a not-for-profit charity who help families in need. Sparks helps to fund vital paediatric medical research that gives hope to children and their families whose lives have been affected by serious conditions or disability.

This is a charity very, very close to my heart who have assisted and supported families I know. Furthermore I’ve learned recently that I’m about to become an Aunty, making the impetus all the stronger.

I’ve run several 5k races for charities before, but this time a poster in the train station decided me in true foodie blogger style to see if we could arrange an afternoon tea, one with a decidedly DIY bent to keep it interesting.

Enter stage right some of the loveliest bloggers I know, and stage left the kind owner of La Mancha, a (now closed) Spanish Tapas restaurant in Chiswick (reviewed a couple of weeks ago). They have kindly offered for us to take over their function room in the name of charitable pinky-raising and tea sipping. We’ve set our fundraising target for £200, but I think we can do better than this with your generosity.

So, all you mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandmas, granddads, babysitters, adopted families out there, if you have a spare couple of quid we would love it if you could aid our fundraising by donating to our effort too, an internet afternoon tea as it were. I’ve set up a JustGiving page and all the money raised goes directly to Sparks. And it’s super duper easy to use!

If you’re a London based blogger and fancy attending we may have a couple of spare chairs; pop me a Twitter DM or an email at adventuresofalondonkiwi {at} Note: I’m afraid we’re full up now, but would love it if you could donate via the JustGiving page page!

The only decision I need to make now, is what to bake. Hmmm… 

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