The London Monopoly Board Pub Crawl

26 pubs. One iconic board game. 4 friends. 1 busy city. Who ever could have thought the above could be interlinked?

Stumbling upon the Monopoly Pub crawl website years ago, we vowed to one day complete it. Then, adding it to my 101 in 1001 goals, I never really though we would manage to schedule it in, let alone complete it.



Doing the Monopoly pub crawl means you will end up doing things that you never thought probable, let alone possible…

Have 13 drinks of anything in one set period.

Converse on the street about closed pubs with a group of blokes in top hats fake moustaches & tails.

Almost lose your shoes.

Debate how good a pub is vs. how close it is to the road.

Dance down Regent Street.

Wordlessly begin to high-five, then urge everyone to drink & run.

Set, with great reverence, on the bar of Leicester Square’s busiest pubs, an arrangement of beer, monopoly property card & silver figurines.

Pose for a double selfie in Marylebone Station Loos.

Take random group photos at each train station you rampage (politely) through.

Being unable to get off a bus due to blokes in top hats fake moustaches & tails overcrowding the poor vehicle.

Watch the aghast, confused face of an Italian tourist at said gaggle of blokes.

Finish the pub crawl with a few hours to spare.

The recommended start time is 10.30am in a pub near Old Kent Road, opening especially for the groups of pub crawlers to start their long day. We raced around London in a large spiral, bussing, running, tubing, laughing and dancing. We decided to do the recommended route – there is an in-order route, but it zig-zags across London – which left us finishing our celebration pints around 10.45pm.

We drank half pints – if you drink full pints it’s highly likely to end in hospital or Jail, without passing go or colleting £200. Make sure you eat well, and drink water often. The Monopoly pub crawl website recommends pubs, but we found ourselves occasionally picking them ad hoc. What a day!

It was fantastic fun but tiring. Wear sensible shoes (costumes optional), drink responsibly, make sure that you know your limits and go with good friends. Like this guy.

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