Drinking goat's milk in a yurt, Edited by Monica Neboli

Many stories are flights of fancy, conjouring fantastical narratives that may never happen. On a cold windy day in London, I found myself drawn into the rich exotic maelstrom that is life as an expat in Kazakhstan.

Drinking camel’s milk in a yurt, children’s friendships that overcome different languages and the dilemna of simply being different, all challenges, all a fascinating study of learning.

These are a collection of short stories from recent expats, recollections of settling into a myriad of ancient and modern traditions, at times hard. There are no rose tinted glasses when you can’t work out how to buy them from a local market trader.

“Discovering Kazakhstan was, for me, a conquest…and took time, curiosity and a certain spirit of adventure.”

I couldn’t put this down, each short story a richly embroidered tapestry. Recommended to me, it captured intricacies my tame expat life will never encounter and inspired a serious case of travel lust.

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