Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe

Tucked away from the busy chaos of Brick Lane is a small, independent café with one of the best USPs (unique selling points) ever. Cats.


(scuse the terrible photos, it was rather late in the evening…)

There are 3 rules of cat club (as set by the furry creatures);
1. Get out of my seat
2. Don’t wake us up
3. Love us



Lady Dinah’s is an incredibly unique addition to the café scene exploding in London, a two level café full of rescue kittens, deliciously over stuffed furniture and an explosion of cat toys and gyms. 


Set up for those urbanites unlucky enough to have their own beasties, we found ourselves on weekend evening a few months ago, seated with the company of these dozen beauties, a hot cup of tea and a wee slice of cake.

The cats are pretty non-p(l)ussed by their visiting guests – when we arrived it was clearly naptime, with crevices full of snoozing kitties. One by one, they popped their whiskered heads ups (I remarked at the time that it was like the Night of the Living Dead but with cats ears and noses twitching awake) and started to play with us.

Best night ever.


Lady Dinah’s is quite simply one of my favourite places to visit ever. An Emma-mecca if you will…

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