Cork and the infamous Blarney Stone

Dangling over a castle parapet isn’t usually my idea of a good time, but sometimes I’ve learned that you have to push the boundaries of normal life in order to experience the world properly.


When I left the shores of my homeland, there were a few goals I had in mind to complete. Visit the Eiffel Tower, drink wine on a sun dappled Italian river bank, explore every inch of London, espy Stonehenge, and a fair few more.

Since then, I’ve realised goals I never knew could be attainable; touch Big Ben, sashay around a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, pick up a Doctor Who addiction, visit the Giant’s Causeway, to name but a few. I still pinch myself at the opportunities I’ve been blessed with just by wishing to slake wanderlust and having a Twitter addiction.

There was one still lurking on that list. (Well actually there are a few, but more on that another day). Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

Escorted again by the kindly lads at Paddywagon tours on their ‘hop on, hop off tours’ we rocked up to Blarney Castle in a high state of excitement. Sadly, we hadn’t risen early enough to get their early morning bus – highly recommended by the driver in order to beat the cruise ship crowds which swell numbers – so we had a bit of a queue to overcome.

Thankfully, good things come to those that wait, and after nearly an hour shuffling through the castle ruins and up a twisty spiral staircase, we emerged upon the parapets. (One should always use upon when reminiscing about castles, right?)  

The view itself is rather lovely as you make your way up. Beautiful emerald green gardens border the 1454 construction (well worth taking a picnic to), and amusing facts dot the queue route to keep your spirits up. 

Then, boom, all of a sudden you’re up in the clouds, wishing you were a princess.


Quite simply, that’s how Mr Kiwi and I came to find ourselves being pushed (by some bloke) over a parapet, backwards, whilst holding on to a couple of sturdy steel supports. Kissing the Blarney Stone was once of those ‘pinch me’ moments that blew my tiny little mind, and it was well worth the journey.

Will I ever become vaguely eloquent? Probably not, and I’m ok with that.

Just remember chaps…

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