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As a blogging travel junkie with a photography addiction, just picking one photo is almost an impossible choice. Each photograph we take on holiday is a snapshot of time, of memory and a record of a fleeting moment.

Cliffs of Moher Ireland Travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

Perfectly imperfect at times they may be blurry from laughter, include an extra thumb or two, or half the party has their eyes closed. How do you encapsulate the sheer joy of sunshine, the flavour of a beautiful wine or weird taste of something strange and unable to be classified?

How about the thrilling terror of a cliffside perch overlooking the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, a sheer drop of a thousand feet to the Atlantic Ocean? I may be 3 feet from falling down a life threating slip, but within that 3 feet safely ensconced on solid ground I feel free. Jealous even, of birds soaring effortlessly on air currents over the azure ocean, planning their next meal. Meanwhile, our city-weary minds are recharging, the sound of waves, birds and hubbub of fellow cliff-venturers a soothing soundtrack to the sun soaked breeze.


Ireland cast a spell over our hearts effortlessly – the rich emerald surrounds, the serendipitously fantastic weather, the welcoming pub craic and joy of spending time with people that we love. I’ll be blogging indepth about our week long trip next week, in order to really do our gaelic break justice. Watch this space.

Life needs to be lived. It’s too short to sweat the small stuff every second of the day, or to try and capture an ultra perfect moment. Leave those worry lines, the thumbs, complete lack of make up and the greasy hair in the shot – it’s you living the moment.  

What’s your favourite travel photograph? Is it an imperfect joy, an incredible image you can’t believe came from your camera or simply a flat white in the best restaurant you’ve ever been in?

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