Sisterhood of the travelling skirt

It may sound strange, but digging through my wardrobe the other day and reading a post by Holly at English Girl Canadian Man made me realise something. I have a skirt that always travels with me on holiday – it’s the first thing that goes into my suitcase, and is usually the first taken out. It’s sunshine in a cloth garment.


Come to think of it, it was the last thing I bought when flying out from New Zealand, possibly even Auckland Airport, and since it has travelled the world with me;



Lounging by Florida Poolsides;




Pretending to be a statue in ancient Italian Ruins;



New Years celebrations in Japan (with thermals and boots underneath)



Sunshine drinkies on a friends patio in Wales




Hanging by the Humber, in Grimsby;



Dancing in Dublin, Ireland;



…just to name a few!


Now I know you’re thinking “Oi, where’s the photographic proof then” and I have none. I abhor photos, which is ridiculous and something my Father is trying to wean out of, but it’s rather a hard thing to unlearn.


There are other items I can’t travel without: a good scarf, a decent book & great company but that skirt just seems to leap into my suitcase and not want to budge. What a skirt, eh, it’s almost as dear to me as my passport! Do you have an item like that?


(Ps. our travel linkup this month is a staycation theme as the UK has our last bank holiday coming up. Fancy joining? The linkup is open from the 1st-7th August)


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