Scunthorpe in a wee parcel: Foodie Penpals August

Exotic goodies have been landing each month on my doorstep for more than 2 year from lovely bloggers and readers all over Europe. Dutch Stroopwafels, Swiss Fondue packs and US Candy have all made their way via our Postie to our cupboards and tastebuds.

This months package was a little closer to home, and came from sunny Scunthorpe. A stone’s throw from Mr Kiwi’s hometown of Cleethorpes, the lovely Sarah packed a box full of country delights from her local farmers market.

With my gluten-intolerance making life difficult, the plethora of scrummy treats were a real surprise.

Delicious fudge, soft butter shortbread, lovely Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion crisps, gluten free crackers and a cheese board chutney (subbed in as a dip) provided us with a few nights’ nibbles, and the chocolate spoon (for adding to hot milk for a luxurious hot chocolate) was delicious.

Thank you Stacey, your parcel was a welcome top-up of Northern treats!

My parcel this month winged it’s way over the Channel to Anne, a cat-loving bi-lingual blogger living in France. I rather hope she enjoyed her vaguely afternoon tea themed package – can you tell I’ve had them on the brain lately?