The seven (ok, one) seas of Rye, an August bank holiday beach trip

Take one car, an argumentative SatNav, three Kiwis, a token Brit, add a dash of summer sunshine, a splash of historic buildings and an Ice Cream. What do you get?

The seven seas of Rye, an August bank holiday beach trip

August bank holiday. The last chance saloon for sunshine and sneaking
away from the office for ‘free’ (not needing to use annual holidays) before Christmas.
With a few sessions of intense discussion, the 48-hour game plan
of Beach, Rye, Battle of Hastings then a brief stop to admire the Seven Sisters Coast was hatched.

The seven seas of Rye, an August bank holiday beach trip

As we cruised down the motorway early on the Sunday morning (ignoring the silly suggestions of our snarky SatNav) we dreamed of the last time sand trickled between our toes (and into every single other place imaginable), the last time we’d dipped our hobbit toes in crystal clear beach water and listening to the gulls glide through the air.

The seven seas of Rye, an August bank holiday beach trip

Tumbling out of the car after a quick brunch (Rye style, rather than Kiwi-style) we dashed onto the sand and straight into the sea (handbags, shoes and magazines clutched under our arms). Despite the warm day, it was blimmin’ freezing. Two of us almost turned into fruit-flavoured icicles whilst we were laughed and photographed grimacing from the relative warmth of the shore. As this is my blog they won’t be appearing, but kept for blackmail purposes later on.
My favorite moments of the day are always simple pleasures:

The seven seas of Rye, an August bank holiday beach trip


Once our bones were saturated with vitamin-D, we dodged the crowds, turned tail and headed towards the pub for a relaxed evening of local wine, nipping between chalets bargaining and a rather epic ice cream parfait.

What more could you ask for?

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