Travel Guides – Reading and exploring Recommendation

One of my favourite things about travelling is the planning. I can happily spend hours pouring over recommendations, reviews and suggestions about a new travel destination. I always start with a cup of coffee and my favourite travel guide books.

I do have a question for you though, in this day and age of blogs, Tripadvisor, websites and e-zines, do you still turn to a book in your hour of need? Or do you simply rely on Wi-Fi and word of mouth at your hotel?

Travel Guides - Reading and exploring Recommendation

Just a small selection of travel guides that I’ve collected over the years. I can’t bear to part with them…

We’ve very luckily been to quite a few countries in the last few years, and during that time, we’ve whittled down our favourites. Travel guides, we’ve tried a few. But there are one or two brands that seem to hold their place in our luggage.

The internet can be a wonderful thing, and really helpful whilst planning and sitting in your accommodation, but when you are walking the mean streets of a foreign country you don’t want to be fiddling with and iPad or a massive tourist guide, making yourself into a target for shysters.

On the move:
These Eyewitness Pocket Guide babies are the bomb. Teeny-tiny enough to fit into a fairly normal size pocket (16cms x 7cms x 7mm) they hold all of the highlights of your city, a petite phrase section and a pocket map that makes life a whole world of easy. I could almost be tempted to sing a song about the maps; a good general area map pointing out landmarks, a metro map (where applicable), a street index and a detailed map of the most central area. I love planning our days with these – they section the city off into hunks & I spend hours picking out the things I was to see, marking them and organising days so they make the most sense.

They are also pretty cheap and frequently updated.

Travel Guides - Reading and exploring Recommendation

Pre-planning and during trip planning:

Either the Eyewitness in-depth books. Full of info, great photos and some natty travel tips. I love that on the hostel/travelling mates circuit there is a lot of sharing love that goes on as well (thank you Zela). These are great for a real in-depth looks at the areas you will be staying in. The beauty of these bohemoths is that the information doesn’t really ever go out of date (bar a few opening times) so you can beg, steal or borrow one of an awesome travelling mate who can give you the low-down on where not to go, of if very lucky snaffle one at a hostel book exchange shelf. (I’m trying out a couple of ebook versions on my next holiday – wish me luck!)

Travel Guides - Reading and exploring Recommendation - Eyewitness

The ‘money-can’t-buy-they-are-so-good’ guides:

You are very, very lucky to get one of these. Especially if you are a foodie, and have a particular foodie mate who includes it in a box of goodies. You are a legend Julie.

Travel Guides - Reading and exploring Recommendation

Ps. I’m not sponsored or any such thing by DK Eyewitness, I just love the junk in their trunk.

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