A Room with a View – September travel linkup

Drawing the curtains on a breathtaking view is the ultimate cherry on top of the travel cake. The ability to nestle in a mountain of blankets and pillows whilst watching the everchanging skies over a new city is simply wonderful.

A Room with a View - September travel linkup

We’ve stayed in every kind of accommodation over the years. Celebrated glorious views of the Eiffel Tower from luxury hotels, snuggled on a single bunk bed in Scotland, woken up with freshly brewed coffee and croissants in an Avignon apartment and B&B’d our way through England. But there were definitely a few favorite rooms with a view…

Watching the sun set over the Thames, then rise again the next morning, coffee in hand:

A Room with a View - September travel linkup

Transportation, storage, fantastic views, the
ability to sleep in your bed or snooze in the sunshine on the roof, listening to the putter of the boat engine counterpointed with soft
catcalls from the other end of the boat, and relaxing in the helm with a
good book as the world floats past. What more could you wish for?

Adventures of a London Kiwi - Canal Boating

Mr Kiwi’s favorite featured an infamous Irish brewing house

Guinness Factory, Dublin - A Room with a View - September travel linkup

but the one I’m lusting after at the moment is a little more lofty; with rustling tree leaves, the patter of rain and the childish delight of sleeping in the treetops. It’s all Peter Pan’s fault.


So, how about you?

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