How to survive life as an expat

Sometimes you’ll hate it, let’s face facts.

Your alarm will still go off every morning (unless you are a travel nomad with a perfectly Pinterest-worthy life without mussed hair, a few too many kilos or frumpy clothes) and boring work days will stretch ahead of you where everything you do is picked at.

Completely new social behaviors will have to be learned the hard way (like when it’s appropriate to kiss your boss, and strangers), you’ll learn to live without road signs and where to find really expensive tastes of home.

The train will occasionally breakdown en route to an important (cocktail) meeting to discuss urgent matters. The weather might suck, a lot. Life will be expensive.

You’ll have to re-make friends, establish new networks and suss out multi-person calender notes to have Skype sessions with family around the globe.

And you know what, it is absolutely worth every second.

Living permanently in another country as an expat, it is so easy to fall into days where the grass looks greener on
the other side. It is so easy to think “Hmph, if I were at home it
would be so much easier/better/simpler/this wouldn’t happen…” when you
run into problems and you’re not in your home. C’mon, really?

Know that homesickness will pass.

Do *that* thing you’ve thought about for so many years and put off. There are so many opportunities in a new city if you’re prepared to take a risk to do
something outside of your comfort zone.

Find local alternatives to home delicacies.

Buy a sarnie and sit in one of the Royal Parks with a group of
chattering friends, peruse one of the free weird and wonderful London

Make the everyday extraordinary.

Learn to bake bacon and egg pies.

A New Zealand Favourite


Get on Twitter
or join a social/meetup group if you are struggling for moolah/people to do stuff with/unusual
activities. Seriously – and brands are always doing competitions and
giving away tickets.Go! Add me whilst you’re there, come say hey!

Book another adventure.

Take a break, get the blood pumping and listen to a few uplifting tunes.

And if the above doesn’t work, have a massive Pinterest session of things that make you smile. And Cats.

Sometimes you might even need to sit down and write a psuedo-narcissistic blog post in the form of advice, simply to excorcise those demons and remind yourself of the wonderful things in your expat life.

Adventures of a London Kiwi

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