My passport to explore the world

Asked the other day for my favourite book ever read, I was utterly stumped. Does one pick a lofty tome to suggest culture, a favourite pick-me-up-whenever-blue book or an inspiring biography?

After much deliberation, I realised it was actually a non-fiction compilation, a small embossed account of international travel, expeditions to foreign lands, and the occasional luxury day trip.

My passport.

Travelling by train through several countries this weekend (England to Amsterdam via France & Brussels) it struck me how much I adore brandishing my little black and silver book. Not just a record of any old journey, it’s a series of travel diaries charting adventures in far-off lands. Each stamp is irrefutable proof of another country conquered, another way to remember.

Every new country is another lesson learned, an additional culture experienced and more tastes of a different way to live life. Perhaps I’m being overly sentimental, but I don’t really want new-fangled technology to replace my dog-eared record…

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