No Immunity, Alan Hunt

If you were to turn my family into a shelf of books, we’d have every genre covered.

Dad would be a military/crime novel, layered full with sharp humour, brooding twists and turns, my Mum a supernatural romance novel full of outlandish ideas and fantastical dragons. I would be a travel book, pages brimming with promises of exotic destinations and delicious meals voluptuously described. My sister is a sweet romance novel, full of promise and a wonderful denouement you may not expect. My brother loved Manga comics, but currently he & his partner are side by side how-to-be-parent books, idly leafed through before my lovely nephew makes his way into the world (whereby the book will barely have to time to be read). And last, but certainly not least my Mr Kiwi is an autobiography, usually of the rock star variety.

As kids we grew up in houses bursting with books, and although our
personalities uncannily reflect our favourite reading genres, we all
turned to one anothers’ favourite books to leaf through. Perhaps we even
learned a little about each other. Who knows. Why am blathering on about all about this? Well, the minute I picked up No Immunity, I knew my Dad will love it.

Luckily, these childhood influences left a lasting impression on me, and a love of John Grisham’s intrigue, Jeffrey Archer’s complex character relationships and a fascination for legal entanglement dancing across the pages of a thrilling novel; all still reach far into my adult life.

No Immunity’s surface plot is about a young man in the British diplomatic service, who is inexorably drawn into investigating the murder of the UK’s Ambassador to Argentina. With a fascinating pace, beautifully evocative South American landscapes and believable characters, this fascinating novel charts nuances and intrigues lacing the inner-world of international diplomatic relations and the affect on the racing personal lives of everyone involved. A debut novel written by a former diplomatic servicemen, the book was a swift page turner on a recent holiday and had wonderful aspects subtlely pulled through the plot. I can’t wait to see his next release.

Ps. Dad if you’re reading this, look away – Santa might just need to make a delivery from the UK…

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