The Writing Process Blog Tour – behind the scenes at Adventures of a London Kiwi

Why do we have such a pressing need to express ourselves? Whilst you mull that over (answers on a postcard) my fully-caffeinated friend Rebecca of RunawayKiwi has challenged me again. Not a post live blogging a Football game, or how life would be without cake (hint: horrible) but one dissecting the thought process behind constructing 300 words of my blatherings. I mean blogging.
The Writing Process Blog Tour - behind the scenes at Adventures of a London Kiwi
As it’s a chain letter of blog-proportions, so I nominate the lovely Jess at Jess on Thames, Dannielle at Chicadeedee, and YOU! If you don’t, well, I’ll be a little sad which isn’t nice. And you wouldn’t want me to be sad now, would you?


Q1: What are you working on?
Honestly, it really depends day to day what I fancy sharing. Normally it’s everything that I adore; a new London nook, delicious flat white, wonderful view or book that I can’t put down. At this precise moment I have a half dozen posts titled, photos waiting for editing and zero hours to draft the posts. I tend to go through phases of organisation; some weeks will have a subtle thematic arc known only to me, some an in your face celebration (such as Doctor Who or Harry Potter) but most are a hotch-potch of shiny things that have caught my fancy.

Q2: How does your work differ from others of it’s genre?
Weeeell, I wouldn’t call it work. If if ever became work it wouldn’t be fun any more. Blogging is a lovely hobby that makes me happy, and enables me to share the love. As an expat blogger who shuns all niches and categories, the freedom to post about anything and everything suits me. I’m enthusiastic, a photograph addict and an explorer. Simples.

The Writing Process Blog Tour - behind the scenes at Adventures of a London Kiwi

Q3: Why do you write what you do?
Initially the blog started as a reason to explore our incredible city. Then having taken on a life of it’s own, the blog has introduced me to a wonderful network of expats living their dreams, opportunities I could never imagine and a plethora of passionate people. As a creative outlet blogging is so flexible that everyone can have their own twist, their own medium for bubbly personalities to shine.

Q4: How does your writing process work?I either have evenings where words and ideas pour from my weird brain onto the keyboard (or more often last thing at night into my hastily snatched phone much to the annoyance of the previously sleeping Mr Kiwi) or afternoons staring cluelessly at a blank screen. I’m not one for writing about feelings unless I feel super empassioned about something. And by that I mean Eggs Benedict and leisurely afternoon teas.

(Oh, and that live blogging of a Football World Cup Final, or how life would be without cake (horrible) I mentioned turned out surprisingly ok)

Your turn…

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