An anti-label mini-rant.

I hate labels.  Restrictions, racial labels, pigeon-holing, sexist slurs, narrow-minded thinking… you name it, it annoys me. Why let someone else dictate the way you see yourself? The minute you let them assign you a label you’re giving into the Matrix.

Take blogging as a fairly non-contentious subject  for example (all the other discriminations we can discuss whilst fixing the world over a Friday night mojito).

Blogging should be about having fun (unless there is a work element you’re trying to run with, in which case fair play, rock on) and it should be about adventuring, exploring and getting to know yourself. But sometimes politics and your own expectations get in the way.

Over the last couple of months chatting with blogging mates, a few have decided to change the direction of their blogs. Some because their lives have changed, some because they are interested in new subjects and a few because they feel pigeonholed by a label. Travel. Lifestyle. Foodies. Fashion. Cut it off.

Sod the labels – names aren’t everything. Write occasionally about a passing fancy, challenge yourself with a style of writing you never thought you could, enjoy weaving words. Push yourself – challenge the boundaries of what other people think. Secretly they’re probably thinking ‘ooooh, I wish I’d written that!’

An Ode to Toast - Adventures of a London Kiwi

Most of all, don’t care about what other people think. It’s your blog, your creative space, your little corner on t’internet. Be true to yourself – find your voice.

Aside from labels (including itchy square ones in the back of your clothes) I also hate shoes, but don’t get me started!

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