Celebrating a prosecco moment & a weekend giveaway: NOW CLOSED

I am a ginormous believer of celebrating now. Right this moment, do something that makes you happy (well, after you finish reading this blog post of course). Kiss the cat, hug a friend, change the screensaver on a work colleagues
computer to something silly, book in brunch, sit back and properly enjoy
a cup of tea – whatever it is that makes the cockles of your heart warm.

Languidly luxuriate in the moment. Go on, I dare ya.

Call someone you love, buy your boss a pack of wasabi coated peanuts, smile at a stranger, congratulate
someone through facebook on something they are proud of, plan a
delicious meal featuring your favourite flavour, book in a birthday
bevvie, tell a cheesy joke that makes everyone groan, watch a youtube video of a cat drinking water.

The wine buffs at Waitrose Cellar
kindly sent me a couple of their delicious prosecco bottles in order to
create something very special out of the ordinary. We simply celebrated a safe return to normal London life after a weekend away in Amsterdam (and slightly frenetic dash through Brussels train station).

Believing firmly in karma, I’ve decided I simply want to share the love. One bottle of prosecco will wing it’s way to someone who comments on the post below (UK entries only I’m afraid!). Names will be drawn old school from a hat on Monday morning, and the bubbly popped in the post as soon as you instruct me where to send it to.

How and what would you celebrate with your bottle of bubbles?

UPDATE: And the winner is, Dani!

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