Macarons, macaroons & Mayfair Mews’

Mayfair, home of the wealthy and privileged is a stunning corner of London. Beautiful Georgian terraces festooned with flowering window boxes, stunning ironmongery and simply fabulous windows combined with secrets mews streets and tucked away pubs full of ghost stories and laughing punters.

When the idea of a ‘Macarons and Mews walking tour’ was mentioned over the tinkle of afternoon tea cups, we told our lovely friend Yannick that it would be criminal if this wasn’t made a fixture on his roster of wonderful London walks. Even luckier for us, we were invited to stretch our legs on the inaugural tour, celebrating the impending new member of Lady Loves Cake’s family.

Accompanying (chief ringleader) Mandy, Melissa, a couple of new friends (not to forget Kelly and Manasi sadly unavoidably detained but being updated via the medium of tantalising Tweets) we made our way through nooks of opulent beauty.

Yannick, Luxemburg native and passionate London-guide is so thoroughly entertaining and knowledgeable that hours pass
by without a second thought. Snaking our way through beautiful
cobblestone streets, whilst being treated to his incredible area
knowledge was delightful, as ever.

A marvel on it’s own the walking tour is wonderful for exploring, but
made all the better for a smattering of incredibly delicious Macaron

Macarons – should I compare thee to a summers day? Soft, crisps shells of scrumptiousness held together with a sweet cream filling, flavoured to perfection. They are perfectly sized creations of confectionary shipped from France to arrive on our tea plates, perfect with a good British cuppa. And they’re gluten free! (And, if you believe Kelly by cutting them in half they are calorie free – but I couldn’t confirm the scientific authenticity of that particular statement…)

The venues we were guided to are breathtaking themselves; architects confections of mortar and stone nestled in the hushed Mayfair and Kensington mews’.

Yannick was intially running the Macarons and Mews walk as a private group tour, but has recently added a couple of public dates to the calendar due to public demand – it’s an afternoon of scrumptious delights and wonderful history. The tour is £20.00 but includes 5 tastings which is fantastic value.

 Good friends, sunshine* and Macarons. What more can a girl wish for?

*sunshine not guaranteed, but a plethora of delicious flavour is!

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