The best Knockers in London

Door furniture that is (get your mind out of the gutter – this is very much a PG, though slightly random blog). It occurred to me on a wander through London a couple of months ago (visiting the temporary art installation books about town) that before we had electronic door bells disturbing our quiet homes with Kraftwerk style trills, it was wrought iron knocker (or your bare fist) announcing the outside world.

Each and every time I encounter another beautiful knocker (once getting over the initial urge to rap it) I always begin to wonder at the story behind it. Is it a relic of the home’s original Victorian history used by rich young women after a night dancing with their beau? Was it found in the car boot of a antiquing entrepreneur? Is it a modern knock-off added to a brand new door by a family wishing to prove their new-found fortunes have endowed a touch of class?

The sound of the ominous knock echoing down a long, wood lined hallway; does it strike joy in the hearts of the young inhabitants, eager to open the portal to the outer world, or does a timid elderly lady live in the home surrounded by the ghosts of years past and a scary modern society.

Filigree works in ironmongery, they do seem to be fashion statements that take a door from pretty, all the way to ridiculously posh dahling.

But, they are beautiful.

And this one has to take the cake (mouse-flavoured?).

Sensational Cat & Mouse front door knocker by Derek Bernstein

And some just get a little too funky…

What do you think of door knockers? What is you favourite?

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