10 top tips for saving money AND travelling the world

We don’t have any secret get rich quick schemes, but over the years have managed to glean a few (rather un-glamourous) tips for saving money travelling and realising those cross-globe adventures, so when TSB contacted me about working together to spill a few of our favourite savings secrets, I couldn’t really say no.

Ultimate practical tips for saving to travel

Sadly I’m not Angelina Jolie. I’m not married to Brad Pitt, blessed with gorgeous cheekbones, sashaying from glamourous A-list party to A-list party or flying to the world’s most exotic travel destinations as part of my everyday life. But, as a regular adventuring Kiwi I’ve still managed to cross a fair share of red carpets, enjoy sipping the Brandgelina rosé, and – best of all – lucky enough to visit many breathtakingly exotic destinations with my own (Northern) Blonde husband.

1. Budget and have a separate savings account for travel.
Know how much you can affordably save after essential bills, and pop it into a separate bank account to (hopefully) gather a little interest over the weeks between glamourous road trips around the countryside. I’ve even nicknamed my account ‘travel’ in order to discourage mischievous fingers from chipping away at the squirrelled away cash.

Ultimate tips for saving to travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

2. Simple things.
Knock that 5-a-week designer coffee habit on the head. By switching a hasty morning latte to a delicious tasting make-your-own coffee (mine is vanilla bourbon flavoured) and keeping the disposable cups as an occasional treat, you can save near on £700.00 a year (and help the environment). £700.00 a year. Then, don’t get me started on cardboard-like high-street sandwiches you’re grabbing in a hurry. Forget the fact that I’m jealous of your easy gluten-loaded desk triangles, and focus instead on the £1,200.00+ you’re spending annually.

3. Treat yourself.
Nobody likes a Martyr, make sure you have fun. In fact, I have an allocation in my budget for brunches, cocktails and delicious Flat Whites no matter what the situation. #YOLO.

I don’t know who wrote the ‘cat treats’ portion of this, but I have my suspicions…

4. Research loyalty programmes that will be right for you.
Use the time previously spent queueing for a luke-warm coffee and dry sandwiches to investigate the possibility of frequent flyer programmes with airlines and travel deals – there is nothing wrong being savvy and using what you’ve got carefully. I’m pretty sure Angelina’s Accountant would sagely nod in agreement on this one.

5. Work smarter.
If you have a big crazy trip coming up, why not look into picking up a few shifts at your local pub, or chatting to your boss about overtime whilst you’re crossing the days off the calendar? Perhaps you could even research investing (a la the Bradgelina vineyards…)

6. Enter the occasional competitions.
This sounds a little bit random, but what have you got to lose (apart from 5 minutes) to enter the odd competition? My Grandmother always said that ‘if you don’t enter you’re never going to win anything!’ – she won a brand new car and all kinds of goodies over the years. Also setting aside hunting time for four-leaf clovers could be a great idea.

7. Start a blog and join Twitter.
You won’t have any spare time to spend shopping for glittering dresses. Or shoes. Or manicures that will simply flake off. All of your time will be spent on a hobby that offers hundreds of incremental and touching rewards.

8. Know how you operate (aka setting goals).
Personally I need to have a goal to achieve anything long term (you’ve seen my crazy 101 in 1001 goal list right?) but if you
learn to set them intelligently, and according to your own personality, anything is possible. Saving to come over to the UK under my own steam was all thanks to a little budgeting, and celebrate out the milestones I achieved each day – this is probably the best of my tips for saving come to think of it.

9. Go for quality over quantity.
Make each and every experience count. Don’t just travel to tick boxes, but make memories that will make have you reminiscing for years afterwards – and if you have a blog (see step 7 above) you will be able to share the breathtaking sights with everyone you love.

10. Explore your local area the same way you would a foreign country.
All that time you’re saving your pennies, travel locally. Visit incredible State Homes, wander down cobbled lanes of mystery, sample local delicacies, discover surprising historical stories and be prepared to be amazed – all for the cost of a local fare and a touch of research.

Do you have any time-honoured tips?

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TSB are a local ethical bank, and their mantra is to borrow well and be
sensible with money. As such, their latest campaign is all about balancing your
money for travelling and it’s other costs, whilst still paying for your rent or mortgage. They kindly sponsored this post in order to keep our travel fund topped up for future fun and blog posts coming your way.

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