My social media addictions…

Where would we be without social media? Ok, so some people would possibly be conversing IRL with their friends without the possibility of Twittering said conversation (moderation is definitely key) but for me it’s been a London ice breaker that has put me in contact with a bevy of wonderful people, meals, bloggers, occasions, fascinating events, news updates and many videos of cats. Many.

Twitter - londonkiwiemma 

* Twitter

is an addiction I can’t seem to shake off. There is something great
about being able to pick up the random world at the touch of the finger
tips, though it’s a definitely a time suck.

Facebook - Adventures of a London Kiwi

* Facebook
the facebook. Perfect for snaps, witterings and chatting to pass a
coffee break. Oh, and the occasional meme. Divine for elevenses breaks.

Bloglovin - Londonkiwiemma

* Bloglovin’!

With the demist of Google Reader, Bloglovin’
is really helping me keep all of the blogs I read in manageable order –
which says a lot as there are so many interesting ones. I love the fact
that blog posts can be marked as read or unread,you can search full
blogs or single topics, and it’s easy to group likeminded blogistas together. The best part of Blogloin’ though? It’s the daily/weekly digest emailed directly to you, with snippets of fascinating posts.

Google+ Londonkiwiemma

* Google+
and I are becoming friends, slowly but surely. It’s not quite as easy
to pick up as Twitter/Bloglovin’ but allows you to do both of the above
and branch out and meet other bloggers.

Instagram - Londonkiwiemma

* Instagram!

Call me an addict but I love instagram – the plethora of delicious dishes, crazy cats & random shots of people’s days. Give me a sunset shot any time – you simply can’t beat it. Oh, and 2015 is the year I’ve decided to master the overhead food shot.

If you fancy checking my shenanigans out on these connections, just click the above images…

Where do you prefer to read/keep up to date with blogs?

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