101 goals in 1001 days – the final result.

A thousand days ago (give or take 3) I set myself a rather rambunctious set of goals: 101 items to be crossed off a list within almost 3 years. The goals ranged from as simple as visiting America, to keeping the coffee table clear for a whole month (you snigger, but have no idea at the will power this took to complete…!) One of those goals was to blog every single day for that time.

Not one to do things by halves (‘I want to travel’ turns into move to the other side of the world, ‘I’ve met a nice boy’ turned into ooops, how on earth am I married) my ridiculous enthusiasm which is perfect for beginning projects, was somewhat diminished by the real world getting in the way – who needs sleep, I mean really!? – but I’m pretty proud to say I managed 800(!!) of them and close to 6 days a week of blogging, sharing, musing and adventuring.

101 goals in 1001 days - the final result - Adventures of a London Kiwi

I can quite seriously credit sitting here at a computer for getting us out and about exploring London a hundred times more than we ever did. Instead of just frumping at home on the couch in front of the TV wondering why we were so ‘meh’, we’re continually finding more and more crazy, wonderful things to do and places to visit. Afternoon teas, hidden wonders, coffee spots, fascinating lectures, incredible homes, Hindu temples down residential streets, secret gardens, nursery rhyme churches, I could go on (and let’s be honest here, I have done for 1001+ days…)

Revelling in a plethora of fascinations 101 in 1001 Afternoon Tea Animals Blog advice Bookshelf Brunch Cat Highjinks Christmas Churches Cocktails Coffee Day trips England Europe Excercise expats family Fiction Food Foodie Penpals Foodie-in-training Free London Fridays Fun Giveaway Gluten Free Guest Post Healthy Holidays Inspiration Kiwi Spotting Life lately Linkups London London Living Non-Fiction Olympics Oranges and Lemons Phone Photography Photography Product Review Quirks Recipes Restaurant Review Touristy Traditions Travel Travel Linkup Treats United Kingdom to name but a few, I’ve had written work commissioned (to my never ending surprise), made a plethora of wonderfully quirky friends, hosted a year long travel topic linkup, paid karma forward as much as I could and generally loved every minute.

 101 goals in 1001 days - the final result - Adventures of a London Kiwi

I’ve learned SEO, what a social media is, how to turn almost any situation into an article, how to hack Blogspot layouts, basic html (mostly centering, let’s be honest) but what has really amazed me is how my photography has improved, my palate has sharpened and the confidence that’s emerged as a result of having my wee blog soap box. I intentionally only share positive things because that’s me – I don’t want to be the person that looks back on life and only sees the negative – it happens, it just isn’t immortalised on the world wide web, and that’s no bad thing I reckon. I have come to realise that my grammar is severely lacking in refinement, my spelling is atrocious but I seemed to have developed a conversational writing that is me and me alone (even when my other half is drafted in to edit occasionally – the jokes he takes out are more often than not chucked straight back in.) Having a blog could be seen as an exercise in ego, but it’s also bursting with something to say, and realising that everyone has the ability to say it, they just need the confidence.

This here corner of t’internet has resulted in more than 1,000,000 Google+ views (and probably would have been more if I hadn’t switched accounts, rookie error), found myself with 2,300 Twitter followers, 660 Bloglovin’ followers, but best of of all I’ve found you. Yep, you, the lovelies who stick reading my drivel day after day, offering your own stories, amusing comments, an occasional shoulder to cry on, company to drink tea with, hilarious encounters, epic advice, cat photos, dinner recommendations and above all, an audience to commiserate with when blogging seems like hard work.

My 1001 days are over, but I have a suspicion that blogging is here to stick around for much, much longer – it’s an addiction I still haven’t slaked, and provides me with hours of entertainment (and my better half with hours of peace…)

101 goals in 1001 days - the final result - Adventures of a London Kiwi

Right, on to the stats. With 85 of the 101 goals complete, and 7 in progress, I’m still going to call that a success. We‘re talking here of a girl who can’t even decide what to wear on a daily basis, let alone complete 80+ set goals. Some goals probably weren’t ever going to happen (hello swimming 50 laps) and a few weren’t quite realised in time but have definitely been noted.

The thing that struck me the most was how much we‘ve incidentally done along the way. 

Personal Goals (27/29)

01. 7 Random Acts of Kindness in 7 days 28/10/2012
02. Attend an ANZAC day Dawn service or visit Gallipoli 25/04/2013
03. Go up in a Hot Air Balloon in progress
04. Unplug from the phone, internet and television for a weekend 29/07/2012
05. Do 3 days of Volunteering Done
06. Leave a 100% tip Done
07. Leave 25 Operation Beautiful notes Done
08. Join, or Start a book club Done
09. Save £1001 for 101 days Done
10. Donate Blood 30/12/2013
11. Send a Message in a bottle in progress
12. Learn to recognize a constellation 28/07/2012
13. Don’t complain about anything for a week Ages ago
14. Visit all the Oranges and Lemons Churches 10/02/2014
15. See the Queen! 05/03/2013
16. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years 01/09/2012
17. Organize all outings for at least 2 months in a calendar. Don’t miss any 24/02/2013
18. Complete a work related qualification 05/11/2012
19. Send someone flowers, just to brighten up their day Done
20. For a year fill a jar daily with joys, gratitudes etc. Done
21. Make an item of clothing 18/08/2014
22. Complete the Monopoly Pub Crawl 19/05/2014
23. View the Crown Jewels 29/12/2012
24. Visit Buckingham Palace 14/08/2012
25. Read 60 books on a top 100 book page (60/60 so far of the BBC’s 2003 list so far) 26/02/2015
26. Attend a Cricket Game at Lords 19/05/2013
27. 20 Comments 30/11/2014
28. Find a penpal 27/07/2012
29. Pay for someone in the line behind me 25/02/2014

101 goals in 1001 days - the final result - Adventures of a London Kiwi
Bonus goal: Drive sheep over London Bridge – done!

Friends and Family (5/5)
30. Make and send a photo Christmas card 24/12/2013
31. Give everyone home/locally made Christmas gifts one year 25/12/2013
32. Have a Makeover 17/02/2013
33. Go on a trip with my Sister 20/12/2014
34. Go on a trip with my Brother 28/12/2014

Health (3/6)
35. Complete a Spin class
36. Walk behind a Waterfall 08/07/2014
37. Be able to touch my toes – For awhile now 10/11/2012
38. Swim 50 lengths
39. Do a 5k & raise money for a Cancer Charity 11/07/2012 £500 between us raised!
40. Run an entire 5k (no walking breaks) & raise money for a Cancer Charity

Roadtrip: Castle hunting: Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire - Adventures of a London Kiwi
Bonus goal: Sleep in a castle – done!

Travel (17/23)
41. See Big Ben 14/08/2012

42. Have a mysteries of London day; Knights Templar Church, Freemason’s Hall, Whittards Tea Shop (ie. why do the English drink so much tea?) 12/04/2013

43. Eat a Melton Mowbray Pie, in Melton Mowbray & two other regional delights in their homes. 22/08/2014

44. Attend a Wimbledon Tennis game, Ascot Race or a Garden Party. 12/06/2014

45. Play Pooh Sticks in 100 Acre Wood

46. Visit a working London Brewery 03/03/2014

47. White cliffs of Dover 25/08/2014 

48. Chichester (Crooked spire) 02/08/2014
49. Visit Greece
in progress
50. Visit America  31/06/2013
See the Olympic Village 07/08/2012

52. Scottish Highlands in progress
53. Go on a Canal Boat Holiday 29/04/2013

54. Visit the Anne Frank House 07/10/2014
55. Sleep in the treetops – in progress
56. Kiss the Blarney Stone 10/07/2014
57. Go on a spontaneous Road Trip. Use a spin board to decide where to go for an afternoon.
58. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
Sleep under the stars 28/08/2012

60. Dance in the rain 21/08/2014

61. Visit the Crooked Pub

62. Go to a Pantomime at Christmas 09/12/2013
63. Go to Paris for Lunch 05/12/2013

101 goals in 1001 days - the final result - Adventures of a London Kiwi

Food (13/13)
64. Cook a pinned Pinterest Recipe every week for 3 months. 03/09/2014

65. Try 5 ‘new to me’ world meals 01/10/2014
66. Cross off 15 new foods tried to the HowFoodieAreYou? list (15/15) 05/04/2014

67. No refined sugar for a week. 31/03/2013
68. Make Crystal Wraps. 09/09/2014
69. Eat only locally grown/made food for a day. 10/07/2014
70. Go to a blind tasting dinner. 18/02/2015
71. Host a Marguerita, M….s and Monopoly night 13/12/2013
72. Cook a Beef Wellington 23/12/2013
73. Attend a Clandestine Cake club 03/09/2013
73. Host a Posh Afternoon Tea 23/12/2012
74. Try 5 new restaurants in London town 04/02/2013
75. Create & post 15 original recipes Done

Home (5/7)

76. Create one original artwork for our walls 25/12/2013
77. Grow (and eat) edible flowers.
78. Make the years’ Christmas Decoration 25/12/2013
79. Keep the coffee table clear for a month 18/07/2013
80. Grow my own tomatoes
81. Complete 3 home craft projects 16/10/2014
82. Clean out the pantry cupboards by eating it all 17/06/2013

Photography (5/8)

83. Make & Develop a PinHole Camera Image
84. Sell a photograph 03/12/2014
85. Two days of Photography Courses 06/10/2014
86. Get a ‘proper’ camera & learn how to use it on manual 17/12/2014
87. Enter a Photo in a Competition 08/10/2013
88. Photograph a week of quotes 5/10/2013
89. Photograph a Red Squirrel in the wild
90. Catch at least 12 items on my ‘all time’ list (../12).in progress

Blog (10/11)

91. Design & run a blog for at least 1001 days 27/02/2015
92. Go a week without using the words ‘Awesome’ ‘Yay’ or ‘Lol’. Slammed, ages ago
93. Complete a Blogging Workshop 10/07/2013
94. Write a guest post 07/12/2012
95. Conduct and post an interview 30/03/2013
96. Add 5 new food blogs to my reader 04/12/2012
97. Complete a month long blog challenge 03/09/2014
98. Review 52 books, one per week for a year 24/12/2013
99. Review 5 food related nonfiction books – Gumbo Tales, Call the Midwife, The Longest Crawl; Ian Marchant, The Little Book of London: David Long & The Xenophobes Guide to the English: 21/02/2013
100. Meet a blog friend 29/11/2012
101. Complete my 101 in 1001 page/countdown – in progress

So, here’s to infinity and beyond…..! I think blogging may slow down a touch, a rejig of frequency from 6 days a week to 3 or 4, but we’ll see. A rhythm will establish itself I’m sure.

(Ps. I just realised this blog post took 1003 days to write, that has to be some kind of a record!)

Have you ever finished a set of goals and managed to astonish yourself (like me?)

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