8 Things I will never do before I die

I adore having goals. They’re perfect rainy day guides, helpful when wanting a direction in life and just plain amusing; but Holly’s post on ‘8 things I will never do before I die’ tickled my fancy. Call it an anti-bucket list.

8 Things I will never do before I die

1. Resist taking photos of foreign cats.
Yes, I have an addiction and I can’t help it.

2. Enjoy wearing shoes
Much to the consternation of my British workmates, whatever instruments of torture I’ve strapped to my feet are discarded the milisecond it’s possible. At the altar I kicked off my sensible heels whilst speaking my vows (only to panic as we were instructed to turn around and walk down the aisle as man and wife but I couldn’t find them…)

3. Believe the weather report on the News
I can’t manage to pay any attention to the weather report mostly due to past disappointments and several pairs of ruined shoes. Over the years I’ve simply developed a ‘look-out-the-window’ system that tends to work pretty well.

Sunshine = All good, but hope I remember to take an umbrella.
Rain = All good, wear boots and hope I remember to take an umbrella.
Snow = All good, wear hiking boots (ice is slippery after all), take an umbrella and a good book (train delays)
Hail = Sit back in a good coffee shop and relax.

4. Be comfortable asking for things whilst travelling.
Mr Kiwi and I have an unspoken travel agreement. I organise the admin, do the research, run the map and book the required bumpf. He asks for things. Directions when we’re (often) lost, menu items, advice and random questions – of which I normally have many.

8 Things I will never do before I die
5. Achieve a degree in Astrophysics
I mean there are some serious math skills involved in working out the gravitational attraction between two orbiting planets (I had to do a Physics paper at University and that’s a real equation I attempted to answer. Regardless to say I messed it up).

6. Bungee-jump.
Just hell no.

7. Enjoy stewed liver
My mum used to adore cooking Lamb’s Fry and Bacon (accompanied by limp onion and gravy). Even though offal has become de rigueur, I just can’t. Give me a steak any day.

8. Dive.
With a serious aversion to putting my head under water, a dislike of being eaten by sharks and an allergy to the idea of wearing a wetsuit it just isn’t going to happen.

How about you?

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