Fields Cafe – Clapham Common brunch review

Brunch has become a way of life in London. With friends living, working and partying in completely random boroughs spread over this great behemoth, arranging a proper sit down and catch up over a brew can be interesting. And that’s just finding a date we can all do.

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

One who won’t really leave Zone One without the lure of doughnuts or the offer of
a sausage sizzle date in New Zealand. One nominated a Kiwi despite never having set foot in our humble country and currently learning to be a Brit (even though sorely lacking on the tea equipment front). One who will happily travel
anywhere she can park (aka nowhere in Central London) and has been known
to drive for 3 hours to Gloucestershire just to buy chocolate cake.

with a bohemian spirit that naturally
gravitates towards excellent flat whites. One with an insanely photographic eye. One with a penchant for immersive theatre currently falling in love with a pup. One currently teaching the newest generation how to enjoy brunching properly. Ones that live north, south, east, west and central. All coffee addicts, all wonderful and all slightly mad.

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

I love everyone of them. It can however make finding a good brunch spot a little challenging at times.

Bearing this in mind, just before Christmas a lightening email popped
around to arrange one last hurrah before we all broke up for the
holidays. One intimate brunch where we could get one last taste of good
London coffee, and a tasty antipodean brunch.

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

Tipped off by one of our coffee loving alma mater who sadly couldn’t make the date, we trooped to Clapham Common. Literally smack in the middle of the green near the skate park is a small, unexpected bastion of brunch – the aptly named Fields Canteen. With a no book policy, we all wandered a touch lost before finding each other and nabbing a table as near to the heater (it was definitely a crisp December morning, one that gets the blood thrumming) as we could get without sitting on it.

The daily menu is deceptively simple, a array of proper, standard
brunch fare but containing an unexpected flourish of creativity.

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

Eggs + Toast + Avo? Sure, but how about a mesmerizing dash of green flavour zing/powder?

Perfectly poached eggs + Bacon + Cornbread (GF) + Hollandaise. Sure, but with a ‘cult of done Hollandaise’ infused with coffee providing a tastily fascinating counterpoint featuring quirky smoky umami notes.

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

Anzac Biscuits + WorkShop Espresso? Now that’s antipodean heaven right there, but factor in the beautiful coffee flavour (this is the baby sister of the infamous m1lkcoffee after all) and there won’t be any disappointment even though the coffee size ordering stumped us a touch…

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

Smashed Avocado + Flamed tomatoes + Sourdough Toast dripping in butter + two beautifully fried eggs.

It was a perfect way to round out the brunch-filled year, despite the cold.

Fields Cafe - Clapham Common brunch review

They can’t go wrong really – wonderful ingredients, instagram worthy plating, an often changing menu, options for pretty well everyone, cracking coffee and a deck area perfect for Summer brunching (the subconcious reason for the delay in drafting this post I guess!)

Lovely brunch with some lovely ladies #Fields #ClaphamCommon #London

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We need to go back again – it’s totally worth the email chaos to what they have instore for us another time…
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