Blogging #firstworldproblems.

I have a very strange problem. I’m finding it weirdly hard to settle into the less frenetic groove of 3 posts a week (plus Fridays). When I was publishing a 6 posts a week it seemed like a fairground train ride that just kept chugging along happily; I had a pattern and variety of posts that I loved to put up – an organiser by nature I felt grounded in my routine: Monday – London, Tuesday – Books, Wednesday – Foodie something, Thursday – Travel, Friday – Figments and photos, Saturday – anything that took my fancy.

…just another brick in the wall…

Like so many of the blogging folk*, for me blogging is a creative outlet to make up for a pedestrian 9-5 <insert a good ole bit of Dolly Parton here>. It’s been a wonderful way to make friends in the London expat community, find out a few insane secrets of my adopted city, bring a bit of creativity into the day and a fantastic excuse for making brunch dates.

Obviously this isn’t an earthshattering issue by any means, it just seemed like a fitting time to sit back and muse about my small corner of t’internet. Lord knows I’m a fan of over-thinking, me. I’m not a fashion blogger, I’m not a lifestyle blogger, I’m not a travel blogger, just an Adventuring London Kiwi blogger. I’ve spent 3 years creating my own weird little niche that makes me happy – there’s a high exploring/foodie finds/weird discoveries ratio that makes me smile, which is the highest commendation a subject needs to become a blogpost muse.

I never want blogging to be a paint by numbers exercise; it’s never been about the statistics, it certainly aint about churning out bleurgh posts just cause I have to and as much as I adore blogging as a creative outlet it isn’t really a new career that I want to forge – I’m just happy for it to be a living breathing hobby that gets me out and about in the world. I have a crazy backlog of draft idea posts; delicious afternoon teas we took more than 6 months ago (but are so quintessential that they won’t/don’t need to change), places we’ve explored, random thoughts… the list goes on, and on and on but the words aint coming.

Self-prescribing puppy cuddles is legit, right!?

On the plus side, having more time has enabled me to get back to my favourite part of blogging; reading other adventures. What to do to, what to do…

In the meantime I’ll set me wee brain to thinking about the new Travel Linkup topic ‘Things I’d never do again’. Hmmm.

*  Please tell me I’m not the only person to associate the word ‘folk’ with faerie and are currently imagining everyone skipping through forest glades Clutching their DSLRs, stopping occasionally to instagram the sunbeams #nature

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