Announcement: June Travel Linkup Topic – Souvenirs!

Today I had visions of drafting eloquent phrases about the breathtaking Scottish Highlands for you (seriously, go now!). Instead I’m running about like a headless chook (apologies for the rough Kiwi phrase) organising, sorting, planning and slightly panicking. You know, the usual.

How about our travel linkup topic for May instead plus a few of the frequently asked questions we get? (Just be warned, there may be a test at the end and it may or may not be Hunger Games style.)

June topic:

Love them or
hate them, sometimes buying a souvenir seems to becomes an utter
necessity. Fitting a Turkish carpet into flight carry-on, filling your
car boot with cakes from their namesake towns, sending bottles of French
Congnac or carrying a 3kg wheel of Gouda – you know, seriously

What is your favorite souvenir? It
could be past, present or future – or have you sworn off them for life?
Have you or would you plan your trip around buying one? ~ ahem, guilty
over here ~


How to link up your post
Just pop your post up over the first week of the month (the 1st – 7th June), add it to the link up widget found on here, Rebecca’s, Kelly’s or this month’s lovely co-host Jaime at Angloyankophile (who suggested this month’s theme) blogs from the 1st.

Are there rules?

are no rules – basically all we ask is that you check out some of the
other cool bloggers that are involved in that months travel link up;
make a few comments here and there and tweet a few of the posts out to
your followers that you think they will love. It’s a great way to meet
some new travel bloggers and share some blogging joy!

Who can join in?

We LOVE new linkers – welcome, welcome! The Link Up is open to all bloggers as long as the post is relevant. Past, present – just go for it. Over a year ago a blogpost went up entreating a group of blog junkies
friends to share their travel wishlists for the year ahead in a
one-time linkup. Kelly and Rebecca and I had the crazy idea to continue
the tradition on with variation of
themes, and 13 months later we’ve been treated to 350+ wonderful
blogposts on subjects.

Friday figments and photos - the Tromso Edition
Caught in the act #addict

We’re lucky enough to be joined each month by bloggers who live all over
the globe: Canada, the UAE, Sunsvall Sweden, Oxford, America, Hawaii,
New Zealand, the Arctic Circle, Yorkshire… I could go on! Many of the
months have also been co-hosted by terrific travelistas from all corners
of the world, bringing their own cheery smiles and hilarious antics to the metaphorical

How do I hear about future topics?

Not sure how to reach everyone the best, we regularly Tweet/message/smoke signal the topic out and we send out an email to our regular addicts around the 15th of each month – it’s a privately kept list that will never, ever be released to anyone, and all emails are sent to you as a BCC. Let me or the girls know if you’d like to be added to the list, either in the comments below or
via email to adventuresofalondonkiwi @  

* There is no test, I don’t really, really don’t have the time in the chaos of this weekend……… but feel free to read through a few of our old topics or just take inspiration from them for posts and article – I seriously recommend you browse through our travel linkup archive.

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