Blogging inspiration and what the heck to write about?

A friend of mine was asking me the other day just how I managed to blog 6 days a week for 3 years, work fulltime, spend quality time with my other half AND motor around London like my pants were on fire. Honestly I don’t know… I guess really it came down to two things: sheer bl**dy determination and settling into a blogging habit that suited me (and occasionally inviting Mr Kiwi out to blogging dinners – heh, two birds with one stone and all that).

I’ve learnt that creativity comes easiest to my weird brain in the later evening; it helps to have a soundtrack of pop music (Delta brainwaves help generate creativity with a good bass line apparently) and no distractions ie. turning off Twitter. I know it is hard, but you can do it if I can (for at least 10 minutes anyway). I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to do it without publicly setting myself a target of blogging, and seizing that tricky muse went it hits – some days I could draft 4 posts in a sitting, some weeks I could draft 2 over all 7 days.

I also find that I have to have photos to write. Strange I know, but once there are a few pretties lined up in the draft box, the words seem to come a little bit easier.

PIN ME – You know you want to…

We’ve all been there. Blogging as a creative outlet can sometimes be awful. Staring at that blank screen, your mouse cursor blinking angrily and a self inflicted deadline of writing a post before bedtime (before bedtime stretches to 2am and you’re tossing and turning with dissatisfaction because there is still nothing). We all feel guilty, which is utterly crazy, but we do.

Come closer grasshopper, I’ve leant a few tricks over the years…

  • Jot down ideas at random times – I’ll email myself the random wisps of inspiration I get (…whilst talking with people, showering, falling asleep, standing at the bus stop…) or start a draft post with the idea as a subject that you can return to.
  • Write a totally silly post. Like Toast? Write an ode to it…
  • Always wanted to do something? Do it, and use the blog as a pretext (you know you want to…)
  • Take inspiration from your fellow bloggers – if you see a cool idea
    for a topic check that they’re happy for you to do your own take on it,
    and always, always share the love by linking back to their post as inspiration.
  • Do a roundup of a few posts that you’ve written as a series (with the bonus that the Google gods like a strong blog with internal links to old posts.)
  • Rant. Go on, let it all out.
  • Join a club – Foodie Penpals, set up a local Clandestine Cake Club or an instagram brunch and write about your experience!
  • Journal a day in your life – what do you get up to normally?
  •  Participate in a linkup – the fabulous weekly Travel Tuesday, our monthly Travel Linkup with topics (announced over Twitter, email and from many London rooftops – ps. apologies for the shameless self promotion) or perhaps try out a new recipe for a Foodie linkup.
  • Ask a friend for a writing challenge or topic. Such as live blogging a Football Game.
  • Reminisce over old memories.
  • Re-write an old post you were never quite happy with.
  • Snacks. Brains need fuel.
  • Take a break.
  • Tell us about your life lately – round up those instagram feeds, random Twitter conversations and your latest thoughts.
  • Comb through your old photos.
  • Write an anagram post (spell a word with the start letters of a set of sentences).
  • Draft a post with 6 words, or in the style of a fairy tale. Make it a fun challenge.
  • Take a macro photo, but with words. Explore something simple such as the sensation of biting into a donut.
  • Write a ‘what if’ or ‘how to’ post. What if you won the lotto, were offered a dream day in London, or do you have a uncelebrated skill that you want to share with the world?

At the end of the day my best advice would be WRITE FOR YOURSELF. Forget readers, forget other bloggers, just write something that makes you smile, like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Dorky jokes and all.

It’s all yours baby.

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