Friday figments and photos

The last week or two has been a wonderful reminder of just why I adore London. Aided by a bank holiday, short week, mucho sunshine and good people, was a little surreal, but utterly delicious.

(ps. note the first ‘friday figments and photos’ actually on a Friday for a while – hurrah! The fact that some of the photos are from a couple of weekends ago is neither here nor there, though a slight blog fail…)

Breakfast in Westminster Abbey basements & charity run plotting (5k here we come!)

The joy of gratuitous hanky waving – beer & Morris men dancing – only in England…!

An afternoon of urban beekeeping in a lovely 5* hotel.

Seriously, we have to look after our bees (with varying degrees of hands on attention of course…)

And a celebratory honey cocktail…

Chortled at some Blogger problems

Tasted some of the poshest ‘chicken in a basket’ I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Played a little London landmark bingo – 4 in one photo! Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye & a double decker bus. I’m just disappointed there wasn’t a red telephone box…

A little bit of this.

Sipped a cocktail or two as we watched trains slide through London to the Continent.Made several .

I started my plans for world domination by curating the @PeopleofUK curating Twitter account…

…and made several Art Deco discoveries in The Strand with my favourite Luxembourger …

All in all, a rather fascinating week…

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