Are we currently in the Golden Age of Holidays: Then or Now

Travel in the past seems like it would be a sepia tinted oasis of calm. I imagine lazy sunshine days on the Amalfi coast with a 60s retro glamour (no instagram filters necessary), exploring unspoiled market squares in Marrakesh. Zipping away to three New Year Countdowns in a single international day on Concord, hiking through the Scottish Highlands enjoying the gift of farmhouse hospitality and the refined luxury of 1950s flights attended by dashing air hostesses.

Tirirangi New Zealand Adventures of a London Kiwi

There wouldn’t be selfie-stick wielding Tourists periscoping around
historic icons, tears due to
relying on patchy internet connections for navigation along unfamiliar
foreign roads, incorrectly booked hotels (a problem with dates that I somehow seem to wrestle with) or pavement tussles between phone-focussed addicts. There would be less missed connections due to delayed baggage claim time, travel discoveries were truly unique and not trampled by inconsiderate Twitter addicts in pursuit of ‘that’ photo and there was probably no such thing as souvenir tat. I had honestly never considered it before Expedia posed the question to me in their ‘The Golden Age of Holidays: Then or Now‘ musings.

Piha Beach New Zealand Adventures of a London Kiwi

But think about it I did. Without modern developments, flights wouldn’t ever had been as cost-effective and affordable to this minimum-wage pub-working Kiwi when I first got to English shores and it would have been impossible to board a train to Paris just for lunch, returning for a proper British dinner. My parents wouldn’t have been as reassured when I moved to the other side of the world without regular video proof that I was whole and hearty, facebook would be missing at least 1,500 photos that my family claim to love seeing, we wouldn’t have access to on-the-minute weather updates that would assure us the below mist…

Piha Beach New Zealand Adventures of a London Kiwi

…would part in 10 minutes to crystal blues skies over a volcanic black sand beach. We would still be lugging thick, heavy guidebooks around for navigation and marking us tourists as targets for pickpockets, we wouldn’t have discovered nearly as many passionately local guides who want to share their favorite nooks and crannies of a town and we couldn’t seek out genuine dinner recommendations from local bloggers in an unfamiliar town.

Piha Beach New Zealand Adventures of a London Kiwi

We would still be printing full paper reams worth of forest-destroying international travel arrangements, we could have missed sipping delicious coffee in funky cafes that specialise in amazing Rocky Road slices, co-coordinating last minute London brunch meetups from one side of the city to the other would be much more difficult. Staying in contact and up-to-date with nomadic friends would be more time-consuming, travel hiccups could be harder to minimize and more difficult to weed out in the planning stages…

Queen + Adam Lambert. - Adventures of a London Kiwi

Not to mention we might have missed rocking out to Brian May playing Radio Gaga in concert, umpteen historic buildings would have been walked straight past without us discovering their colourful histories and it could have been much harder to keep up with international weather patterns being disrupted by unruly volcanoes. Solo-travellers would always have to entrust their expensive camera equipment to strangers in order to have proof they helped keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over, the painstaking care and photographic arrangement of meals would be lost forever if it wasn’t for social media and Mondays full of holiday blues wouldn’t be survivable without a plethora of baby goat videos.

So, Then or Now. That’s the travel question…

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