Sandwiches, Fish Fingers and an English lesson.

Sarnies. The Great British Pillar of Lunchtimes.

Nope, I didn’t understand what they were at first either. The thoughts running through my newly expat bonce (head) ran something as follows; “Could they be Sardines, noooo, why would they just eat salty fish for lunch? Sarnies. Sarnies, sarnies, sarnies, is it a brand of pie perhaps? But I haven’t seen any pie warmers on these barbarian shop counters. Maybe like quinoa it’s a health food craze I’ve never heard about. Or, am I going deaf, do they mean salads?”

Sandwiches, Fish Fingers and an English lesson.

Invited then out for lunch (despite the confusion across my face) I hung back as the gang purchased a variety of cellophaned sandwiches, chips and drinks so I carefully followed suit and selected a rather limp looking triangular packet of egg and mayonnaise on white bread – or so the label said – alongside a packet of ready salted chips and a cup of tea. I was trying to fit in after all. It turns out we did happen to be speaking the same language, only my new
friends were eating sarnies and crisps, whilst I enjoyed a sandwich and
chips. The things you learn as an adult huh?

Sandwiches, Fish Fingers and an English lesson.

In the years since I’ve had the delight of sampling thousands of sarnie permutations; delicate pinkie-raised crustless fresh mint and cucumber, builders breakfast concoctions – terrific, no, essential for hangovers – full of bacon and fried eggs, an afternoon pick me up of tuna sweetcorn on malted bread, dark and handsome openfaced rye slabs of salmon and chives, toasted fruit bread on a winter afternoon, the calorific kiss-crushing onion and cheese and the best of the lot, a salt&vinegar crisp sandwich. Then I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and for the most part the great love affair I had with sarnies was over BUT we have discovered a few life hacks, and a love of toasting those dry spongy stones called gluten free bread.

How to speak English brunch-style

Why am I blathering on? Well, this is my blog and as Adventures of a London Kiwi CEO I can… no, only joking, as I seem to be making my way around the tiers of afternoon tea (see how to make the perfect cup of tea and the Great Scone Discussion‘skon’ for the win!) I just wanted to share a revelation that has become a brunch mainstay in our home. It isn’t particularily posh, but open our fridge of a weekend, and the fixings will be hanging out in the door simply awaiting deployment (especially when we have people staying after a few London escapades).

Fish Finger Sarnies.

How to speak English brunch-style
This is a gourmet, gluten-free monster of a fish finger sandwich – getting all hipster…

Preferably eaten el-pyjama-o, we always have an array of red sauce (aka Tomato Sauce aka Ketchup), brown sauce (aka a vinegary ketchup with faintly smoky BBQ notes), creamy tartare with chunks of delicious capers, at least 3 half started jars of chutney, French Mustard and a soupcon of mayonnaise (or if we’re feeling really English that week, Salad Cream).

Once you’ve settling on condiments, assembly is as easy as 1-2-3; Grill the fish fingers (homemade recipe here) until crispy, slather your preferred topping/s on a slice or two of fresh white bread, arrange said fish fingers then close and eat.

How to speak English brunch-style

Quick, simple and guiltily delicious – weekend brunch perfection! (If you’re feeling a little more energetic, you could roll with another of my favourite recipes – baked eggs and soldiers, breakfast cake or dessert porridge – but quite frankly why would you want to?)

Are you hungry yet?

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