Beany Green, Liverpool Street Brunch review

Sometimes all you want to do is spend a morning in the sunshine with a friend. Living in London definitely has downsides, and one of them is most definitely trying to get a girly date in the diary with less than a month’s notice. Sometimes, though sometimes you get a hankering for a gossip, the stars align in an incredible way and after an afternoon of messaging, a golden date appears in the diary for a good old catch up.

We then played the inevitable ‘what’s central to both of us, and where do we fancy’ game (bonus points for each additional player you involve) which was surreptitiously solved by the crew at Beany Green inviting us for a sampling of their bottomless brunch in the Broadgate Circus branch. (Try saying that 10 times in a row).

Spoiler, it was amazing and features a Banana Bread tower, read on.

Beany Green, Liverpool Street London Brunch review

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Beany Green, but my (very many) opinions are only ever my own, and I would never recommend anywhere that I wouldn’t happily revisit – in fact I’ve also frequented their other London branches several times on my own dime.

Tucked unassumingly in a selection of eateries an entire 50 seconds walk from Liverpool Street Station – yes, I timed it – Beany Green is another of those secret discoveries that I never want to share with anyone else (it happened to my Shepherds Bush favourite, and now they have queues out the door sigh). But if I must, this Melbourne-style cafe hidden in a modern edifice is a rather lovely combination of convenient tube line convergence, smiley staff, quirky decor and locality to the creative blogging hipsters of Shoreditch.

Beany Green, Liverpool Street Brunch review 

We began as all good brunches do, with Monmouth beaned Flat Whites and gossip. I hate to admit it, but us antipodeans do a rather good Flat White. So good in fact that we forgot to photograph the first round, and the second round barely made it into blog history.

Good coffee near Liverpool Street Station London

Their menu has a little something for everyone; granola & berries, a good old British breakfast, a salmon royale, broccoli gluten-free bread and a smattering of other hard to choose from options, but we went traditional.

Well, traditional for us anyway. I opted for the broccoli and corn fritters (adding a cheeky side of bacon) and was really rather surprised. We kiwis aren’t fussy about many things, but the texture of sweetcorn fritters are one of them. They have to be perfectly crispy on the outside, but reveal an unctuous center dotted generously with chunks of sweetcorn. These were lovely, and went up a notch when generously daubed with fresh lemon juice, chilli pesto and a sliver of avocado. (As an aside, the sharp-eyed will note that the fritters aren’t gluten-free, but sometimes I give into the tempting lure of gluten even though I really shouldn’t. There is a scrummy sounding gluten-free broccoli bread however…)

Where to brunch Liverpool Street London 

If this isn’t #yolkporn I don’t know what is. Even my non-bloggy date was impressed.

Egg porn brunch in Broadgate Circle London

Egg porn brunch in Broadgate Circle London

 …aaaaaaaaaand relax…

My date went a little off-road traditional, in her search for eggs benedict ordering a deconstructed salmon royale (substituting the salmon for bacon – seriously the bacon was perfection). Her eggs came a touch later than planned, but nothing was too much trouble for our smiley waitress (including her rather determined fixing of a table wobble).

As we tucked into our brunch feasts, a jazz duo struck up in the corner providing a lovely soundtrack to our natterings.

Egg porn brunch in Broadgate Circle London   

Beany Green brunch London restaurant review

With our appetites and vitamin D fixes rather sated, we fired up our dessert appetites, and ordered their famed banana bread to share. Again not gluten-free, but when you’re going to be naughty, be naughty with a vengence.

The Beany Green banana bread is getting rather infamous, and needs a sonnet written to it. It. Is. Incredible. The tower of heaven is homemade, grilled, drizzled with honey, topped with fresh berries and sandwiched with pillows of Marscapone. Possibly the embodiment of all the reasons brunch is the best meal of the day – after all once you wander into that sunshine you have at least another 8 hours to walk it off (except when on a birthday meal marathon like this lady and I have been known to partake of on occasion).

Beany Green brunch London restaurant review

The bottomless brunch option is 2 plates of deliciousness and a variety of bottomless glasses for each person – they offer reviving Bloody Marys (for the day after the night before), Prosecco, local craft beer, refreshing smoothies and juices – depending on your appetite and wallet delectation – at the time of writing a bottomless brunch varying from £28-38.

Beany Green brunch London restaurant review

I found you hiding there in the corner Beany Green. I’ll be back again soon to try your coconut bread and Shakshouka baked eggs. Yes I will.

Beany Green brunch London restaurant review

…and people wonder why I endorse Brunch as one of your 3 meals a day, all of the above are the reasonings, you just can’t beat a little everyday luxury!

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