How to survive without a smartphone.

With my aforementioned device of all-encompassing life throwing a fit in the cobbled Streets of France last weekend, a week without the world and technology at my pocket has been an interesting exercise of modern life.

Think about it, how long ago was it since you referred to that little black box in your pocket. Hours? Minutes? Seconds? In fact, are you reading this on your phone? See what I mean? I’ve come to realise just how this has taken over my life.

It starts with a series of electronic tones urging me to crack my eyelids open in the morning – several rounds of them if I’m being honest. Then a quick morning peruse of social media and a few cheeky blogposts over breakfast cereal and coffee. Another alarm warns me to leave the house for the commute ahead (accompanied by few giggles at the “Danger Will Robertson, Danger Will Robertson” panic spirit that keeps me organised) where I spend the time dodging internet blackspots and the occasional armpit.

During the day the slim rectangle in my pocket becomes timekeeper, companion, memory-jar, social diary manager, research tool, accountant, camera lens, idea store, secretary and meal inspiration. Oh, yes, and a communication device.

Of an evening we bloggers tend to dance between smartphone, camera, friends, family and computer in a medley of technology and cocktails (with a little TV in the mix) before falling asleep to the soft electric glow. Let’s not mention ‘phone face’, where you’re intently staring into the hypnotic lure of a youtube video of a singing zebra, as your eyes droop, and bam! You find a phone has hit you right between the eyes. Shhhh…

In the last week I’ve been told off for not responding to a friend’s texts (whom I see every single day), suffered instagram withdrawl, missed an urgent personal email, corresponded frantically in the evenings to arrange catchups and printed out maps. I’ve also read more of the novel I’ve been working through for an age, meandered through sunsets a little longer, concentrated on conversations (though I try not to let the beast out in social situations – it makes it a little pointless to be ignoring your company for the bleep of a device), trusted the transport network, not overbooked my diary, finished watching 3 movies, gone to bed at 10pm, actually edited a few blogposts and organised my insanely messy desk.

Hello, my name is Emma and I am a smartphone addict, waiting for my next fix.

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