The joy of being “A Creative” type

As a paid up member of the worldwide blogger tribe I can only really speak for myself, but I do look at some of the antics we get up to in the name of our favourite hobby and wryly chuckle with a knowing glint in my eye. (As an aside, how on earth do you wryly chuckle?)

romantic picnic flowers, fresh baguette, pate, hummous, er, camera #bloglife strikes again…

Having more energy than a box full of chickens on energy drinks

The hilarious creation of laboured metaphors

Thinking out of the box & having friends side-eye you (the good ones do it with amused love usually)

Thinking too much

Planning a holiday trip schedule based exclusively on Pinterest finds

Falling asleep with sentences drifting through your head

Getting caught taking Flatlays in restaurants by strangers (who then find you on social media)

Scoping out restaurants for the best natural light and cold food

Comment reply fatigue

Midnight evenings spent crafting prose and 3am light bulb moments for topics

Waking up with the slightly bitter taste of forgotten sentences when you ignore the 3am lightbulb moments

Watching your friends bounce around stately homes, catching glimpses of them through windows as you wriggle about getting ‘that’ shot

The unusual combination of envy and lust when you discover something incredible someone else made

Speaking in jargon only other tribe members understand; Flatlays, SEO,  #bloglife

When even your non-blog friends (IRL) friends exclaim ‘ooooh, this will be a good post!’

Climbing into gardens to frame that perfect macro photo of a bumble bee (only to discover later at home your lens was smudged leading to blurry photo angst)

Getting in trouble with your parents due to a lack of yourselves in holiday snaps, but an abundance of ancient arches

Intending to write up an inspirational call to arms, but
ending up chuckling at cat gifs instead before structuring a post around

Please tell me I’m not alone – what is your craziest creative habit?

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