Blogging; Behind the scenes habits and secret addictions – October #travellinkup

Blogging, right, it can be a rather all-consuming hobby. This month for the travel linkup the topic is a dishy tell-all (or tell some) of behind the scenes habits and secret addictions all in the name of our hobby. A homily to our much joked about Blogger Addicts Anonymous group. I thought I’d let my boy have a chance to share his side of the story – lord knows his life is affected by it as well…

Adventures of a London Kiwi


I know I’m not alone. I can’t be. Who remembers the basic pleasure of picking up your knife and fork – or spoon – on arrival of the starter / main / desert? After all, it’s been a long week and we’ve earned our Friday night dinner. The waiter service might be a little slow sometimes, but, once sat down, the wait is over. Hot food – that’s how life used to be. “Don’t wait for me – you get stuck in”.

Did I sign up to this? 


Well, I could only offer support to my other half when the idea of starting up her own blog came to her. This must be a big decision for anyone, and I would never believe anyone who claimed otherwise.

Where to begin?

Is my writing up to scratch?

Will anyone be interested enough to read it?

Just for starters, these are a few of the questions barrelled at me.

But my wife did take those first brave steps all those years ago with the creation of  ‘Adventures of a London Kiwi’, and, since then, things have not been the same.

Adventures of a London Kiwi


Home life has changed in that the computer is pretty much off-limits during the evenings and weekends while ‘blogging and logging’ (coined by yours truly) are the order of the day. This can last from anything between ‘hours’ to ‘even-more-hours’. A twilight world that I cannot begin to fathom.

That’s fine because the cat and I have got rather used to it….

Now the penultimate meal of the day must be patiently waited for, while 18 photos are taken of the bread rolls… Being discrete of course as we don’t want to appear nerdy.

Then there’s the starter… etc… etc…

You get the picture – I get the picture – WE ALL GET THE PICTURE!

CAN WE EAT NOW PLEASE? (Ed note: What he fails to mention is as most creatures do for survival he has developed new skills, and among them one for taking beautiful photos…)

Adventures of a London Kiwi

How can I be in the way of the carpet?? You want to take a photo!?

Sounds negative, doesn’t it? Actually, the opposite is true. While my solitude had led me to a life of drinking (Ed note: …and moaning about football, the Great British past time), Emma has found a wonderfully rewarding hobby that has taken her further than our wildest dreams – to places never before seen and friends otherwise unknown. 

Written skills, networking skills, general awareness of blogging etiquette – all transferable to working life. Drafting the posts every week represents a significant commitment which is commendable – long may this blog be a must have for Emma.

Though, my most recent complaint? A strict adherence to deadlines after being volunteered up to write a post. (Ed note: I gave him a whole fortnight…)

Never live in the past – that’s not the direction you’re heading….. Now for another wee pint.

Adventures of a London Kiwi


Now, all I need to do is train my better half to stop walking directly into shot 3 seconds before I press that shutter – it’s a gift…

So, how about you?

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