Friday figments and photos: One where it all gets a little tasty

So, I’ve been a pretty bad blogger again, neglecting this the only running series on my little corner of the interwebs, but I’m ok with that. Sometimes you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy life (I especially enjoyed Angloyankophile‘s post on this as part of the travel linkup this month. Word.)

We overstretch ourselves to a point where it becomes ludicrous, sharing our lives in a perfectly lit manner (hello instagram), tell the world our funniest thoughts (hello Twitter) and hope that we remembered to take a portrait photos (hello Pinterest).

But I still adore it. Every bit of it. #Bloglife4eva

Over the last couple of weeks, time has dripped delectably by. Bunches of blogging brunches (well, ok one).

Eating dinner with a sword was a highlight.

As was an unexpected trip to the seaside.

Not to mention a rather lovely vegetarian meal at The Gate (proper review to follow).

It was a tasty fortnight, that’s for sure!